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37 Thoughts Wile Watching VIKINGS ‘On the Eve’

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1. Love Torvi’s new “do!”

2.  And you thought Viking Men were fierce! Take THAT!

3. Lagertha! Leadership BECOMES you!

4. Athelwulf my dear. You are once again in over your head.

5. Ecbert speaking of “doing right” is laughable.

6. Big Daddy E’s plan ALWAYS involves throwing Athewulf at it and hoping for the best!

7. Athelwulf is a good man. In spite of everything he seems to have kept his heart whole.

8. Folk and Helga! What will become of you?

9. OOH! Harald! Lagertha’s gonna get YOU!

10. The sons of Ragnar are mighty! Just look at Bjorn!

11. I DO NOT like Judith.

12. I feel like Ecbert’s “faith” somehow stains Athelstan’s memory.

13. Bjorn sets his brothers straight & Floki isn’t having it!

14. Folki is having none of the brothers petty competitions to be Ragnar’s heir.

15. Athelwulf is clever, but will Ivar outwit him?

16. Folki  brought Helga’s ward back. That was a surprise.

17. Lagertha will NOT be caught off guard!

18. Headbutt! TORVI! Look at you!

19. It’s gonna take a lot more than that to outwit Lagertha!

20. This arrow up and down reminds me of a Viking version of Wack-A-Mole!

21. Fire! I win!

22. Did you see that? Tori blinked! We still have hope!

23. Halfdan shows some surprising depth when it comes to women!

24. Harald …apologizing! I don’t believe it!

25. Whoops! Did my axe suddenly split your husband’s head?

26. Lagertha likes her enemies Medium Rare!

27. OOH! Harald! Lagertha is Gonna GET YOU!

28. Ivar has his Father’s clever mind for strategy!

29. I love how Bjorn considers his brothers opinions equally. He could just as easily dismiss.

30. Harald is letting his little head take over!

31. LOVE the pan across the Vikings before battle.

32. I feel like we are getting our old Floki back!

33. Ivar has Athelwulf chasing his tail!

34. Look who’s using the Shield Wall!

35. Floki needs to step up his running game!

36. IVAR! You are Bloody Brilliant!

37. I’m not sure Athelwulf will survive this!

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