AGENTS OF SHIELD: “Broken Promises” {Roundtable}

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With the airing of “Broken Promises” we start the second of three story arcs this season, this one featuring the LMD project.

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“This year there are three [parts to the season],” Whedon said. “It’s based on our schedule and how we’re airing. We like it to run continuous, but that’s impossible. So this next chunk will be a section and then we’re off for a while, so then there’s a third pod.”

Executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen agreed, adding, “It goes Ghost Rider, LMDs … and then puppies and rainbows.”

While the S.H.I.E.L.D. team couldn’t reveal what the third “pod” of season four will be about, they did reveal that it will have something to do with the first two.

“It’s all connected,” Loeb said.

1. Mirrors… mirrors everywhere! Fairly obvious they went for a mirrored storyline in this episode, LMD vs. Inhuman. Overall feelings on how it was done?

Rueben:  I thought it was a good episode overall.  Mainly, I was floored that Aida turned so bad so quickly.  And I don’t think that the LMD of May even has any idea that it’s not the real May (or am I missing something?).

Karen: I’ve been missing all of my comic book shows so much that it was nice to get something finally – and on top of it, it was a good one! So yeah, great job and kudos to Brent Fletcher & Garry A. Brown for their Writing and Directing skills. That being said, I love great storytelling, and one of the hallmarks of a good TV show episode is having a “mirror” with which to compare and contrast the characters. If it gets a little complicated, more the better. Of course the main characters were Vijay and AIDA, but with secondary characters like May, Radcliffe, Mace, Ellen, Simmons, Fitz, and Coulson – with bonus comedic (who knew?!) asides from Mack and Yo-Yo – it turned out to be a really well-balanced episode. I don’t think you’re missing anything Rueben, I think Fake-May is in the dark as well.

Roz: I’m not a fan of these mirrors (dopplegangers – whatever!) but it works well.

2. Nadeer is the worst, amirite? I didn’t think I’d ever not like a character that Parminder Nagra played, but I was SO wrong. What are your thoughts on her actions in this episode. Towards her brother and SHIELD.

Rueben:  Oh man, she is horrible!  How could she do that to her brother?  I had a bad feeling as soon as she decided to leave with them on the helicopter and my foreboding was proven correctly.  Although I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her brother given that ending scene.  It will prove interesting what her brother becomes next and what revenge he will wrought on her, right?

Karen: Ugh. As you can see from the way I phrased my question, I really loathe Ellen Nadeer. There’s a time to follow through with a promise, and a time to rethink it. This was a time to rethink, regroup, and reassess. It looked like that might’ve been what she was going to do, but really all she did was buy her brother a little time. It also allowed Vijay’s power to be revealed to Nadeer’s Watchdog lackeys (and in turn, us), so yeah… there’s that. Ellen should know by now that unless the body has disintegrated (and even then maybe not so much) it might not be dead – and she may learn that lesson the hard way. You’re absolutely right Rueben, Vijay was yet again entombed in an Inhuman cocoon at the end of the episode. We’ll have to wait and see what being transformed doubly does to a person. *cue dramatic music stinger here*

Roz: I really want to punch her in the face for all of that stuff with her brother. I swear. Just stop trying to think the worst of all people.

3. Mace and Daisy discuss her return to SHIELD. How interesting was that conversation?

Rueben:  Well, we know that Mace was just faking all of those kudos and backstory regarding Daisy to save face.  Although on the other end of the spectrum he could have fed her to the wolves.  There is no way that they trust each other and will always be at odds.

Karen: Mace is also pretty annoying in this episode, but intriguingly so. Daisy called him on his shit though. He embodies the whole ‘humblebrag’ thing with the accolades prominently featured in his office, yet he rebuffs compliments whenever they’re given. There’s a little disconnect there, no? He gets a little bristly over that, and I think it’s because Daisy sees right through him. She knows he didn’t save her ass, he saved his own – and since he outed himself, he shifts the focus to her and presto-chango… pressure is off. Once he shakes it off, he gets back on track and asks the right questions, to which Daisy has answers – i.e. who is the man in the cocoon? It puts them on the same page and things are copacetic… for now.

Roz: I just don’t trust Mace when he’s talking to anyone, and I have issues believing that he’s being genuine.

4. What did you think of Radcliffe here? Were you surprised by his involvement in the LMD/Darkhold book intrigue?

Rueben:  I was not expecting Radcliffe to be affected by the book.  I admit I didn’t see that coming, but once that reveal was made, it was like a “slap up-side the head” moment for me.  Like, “how did I NOT see that coming?”  Of course, that explains her upgrades and the LMD’s, but I fear what is going to happen next.

Karen: I 100% agree Rueben! It came completely from left field. I can see where they set it up in the first ‘pod’ though, and you’re right, it’s definitely a self facepalm moment. Once Eli is established as a “Mad Scientist,” we should’ve been able to at least put a finger on Radcliffe as a potential candidate. It makes perfect sense, and yet – I didn’t see it until they showed me. Great storytelling. I’m also really wary about what’s going to happen because of it, because human guided LMD is much more dangerous than LMD alone. And the May-clone can do a lot more damage with Radcliffe behind it. So many possibilities. Also, I’m betting a lot of Coulson/May shippers are going to have their hearts broken in one-million pieces.

Roz: I was totally shocked by this, but I should be used to twists on this show.

5. Most unlikable henchman: Burrows (L) or Shockley (R)? Why?

Infographic for you:

Rueben:  I was so stoked to see John Pyper-Ferguson (aka Shockley) in the show – that is until the quick reveal that he isn’t a good guy, working for Nadeer and all.  SIGH!  He will be the henchman from hell more so than just unlikeable.  John knows how to play a “heavy” well and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in future episodes.

Karen: John Pyper-Ferguson is a favorite baddie of mine as well. He just had a fairly large role as a weasily lawyer in Suits – and to see him all scruffed up so soon after that shows what kind of range he has. Patrick Cavanaugh isn’t a slouch either though. He’s got some cojónes by simply throwing some shade at Daisy, so I’ve got my eye on him. They both give me the heebies.

Roz: Shockley, for sure. He’s just such an ass.

Here’s where we discuss our random thoughts and our VIPs. GO!

Rueben:  I loved the conversations between Yo-Yo and Mack anytime they talked about robots in the movies and how it always ended badly.

As for a VIP, I think that goes to Simmons for taking on that big Nadeer guard at the Senator’s office.  She’s not just a scientist and has proven time and time again that she can protect herself and kick some ass.

Karen: Yo-Yo and Mack were HILARIOUS in this episode. They mentioned, “The Lawnmower Man,” “Terminator,” (even “Salvation“) “Maximum Overdrive,” “Chopping Mall,” “Weird Science,” and “Small Wonder.” I love that they understood each other on the AI front from minute one.

Not sure I have a clear VIP, but if I had to base it on acting alone, it’d have to go to Radcliffe. He sure had me fooled. He went 100% all in when he had the conversation about sentient AI and what delineates between life and non-life while trying to “reboot” the base with Fitz. Honestly, I’m still floored.

By the way… 5.25″ Floppy Discs?!? Wow! That takes me back!

Roz: I love how Mack and Yo-Yo were just all about distrusting the AI, and they’re so right. I mean, didn’t “Prometheus” exist in this world for how bad David 8 was? Or HAL from “2001”. I mean, the robots do want to get us eventually.


Radcliffe: I don’t see any harm in replacing her hard drive. Better safe than sorry, as they say.
Mace: So happy you agree, ’cause it’s also an order.

Daisy: You don’t get to be modest and have a framed glamour shot on your desk.

Daisy: I think Simmons has been kidnapped like – three times since I’ve known her.
Mace: Really?
Daisy: Yeah, well, only twice on this planet.

Mack: Shouldn’t be too hard to find your beautiful “Weird Science” sex-bot.
Radcliffe: That’s unfair, Mack. I’ve never had sex with Aida. We’re just good friends.

Yo-Yo: Someone needs to make Radcliffe watch all the “Terminator” movies.
Mack: Even “Salvation”?
Yo-Yo: He brought this onto himself.

The next new episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air on ABC on Tuesday, January 17 at 10/9c.


“The Patriot” – Separated from their team, Coulson and Mack discover a shocking secret about Mace, leaving all of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a precarious position, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, JANUARY 17 (10:00–11:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” stars Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson, Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Henry Simmons as Agent Alphonso “Mack” MacKenzie and John Hannah as Holden Radcliffe.

Guest starring are Jason O’Mara as Director Jeffrey Mace, Mallory Jansen as Aida, Adrian Pasdar as Brigadier General Glenn Talbot, Maximillian Osinski as Agent Davis, Patrick Cavanaugh as Burrows, Troy Caylak as Yuri Zaikin, Kimberley Drummond (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Magic Mike XXL) as Agent Crawford, Shelly Robertson as Michelle Caldwell and Alastair Bayardo as Agent McCafferty.

“The Patriot” was written by James C. Oliver & Sharla Oliver and directed by Kevin Tancharoen.

Check out the trailer and promo pic gallery below:

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