We still mourn Ragnar: 41 thoughts while watching VIKINGS ‘Crossings’

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Last weeks savage loss of Ragnar continues to feel surreal. Tonight’s episode of Vikings revealed everyone else grieved with us. Below are my thoughts as I watched still very much in denial over the Viking King’s departure.


2. The burden of ruling weighs heavy on Lagertha. Yet, truly, it cannot be in better hands!

3. Enjoy your bread Ecbert. It may soon be your last.

4. I do hope Athelstan’s son survives Ivar’s wrath!

5. Skinny-dipping must be an ancient Viking cure for grief!

6. No on can control Ivar. His hate, determination and grief runs too deep!

7. Ugly cry away, Ivar! I’m right there with you!

8. All hail the queen!

9. THAT DRESS! Gorgeous!

10. Party Crasher!! IVAR is BOLD!

11. Lagertha will not be able to refuse Ivar for long. This WILL COME BACK Round!

12. Ivar does have his Father’s SWAGGER! Bravo!

13. Why is it that MEN WILL NEVER stop and ask directions when lost?

14. If Floki is lost, I am afraid! He’s lost without Ragnar. I totally agree!

15. In this world BE A HELGA! Ever optimistic even in the face of utter darkness!

16. Those brothers are going to be TROUBLE!!! Someone drown them!

17. Hold on Bjorn! I believe in you!

18. OH IF ONLY That bed of you’rs could talk Lagertha!

19. I keep expecting someone to yell. “Are we there yet!?”

20. Party CRASHERS!!

21. Rollo is grinning from ear to ear!! It makes my heart smile to see him embrace his Viking heritage once again!

22. FLOKI ON THE PROWL! Did anyone else hear the Bee Gee’s song ‘Night Fever’ In their head! I SWEAR he was channeling John Travolta in that scene!

23. A mosque! Will Floki find a new faith???

24. This is an impressive sight! Folk’s curiosity is engaged

25. Is that you Ragnar???

26. Oh my heart! this hurts! Ranar can haunt me ANYTIME!

27. Lagertha will always love Ragnar.

28. Bjorn is a fierce warrior!

29. Leave it to Floki to state the obvious. “Where are their gods?”

30.  What?? Floki takes a stand. That was a quick conversion!

31. Helga follows her heart! Her instincts are always true!

32. A HAREM! Whut Oh! There’s a rooster in the hen house!!

33. Rollo is thinking he’s already in Valhalla!

34. Keep on screaming ladies. It only encourages them!

25. Ah Helga. She sees Agroboda in the child.

26. Folk does not agree. Not at all.

27. Sir-Licks-A-Lot! Always a charmer.

28. Come now. Tell us the truth.

29. I think the dude enjoys toying with everyone!

30. I can’t take another loss. I can’t!

31. HOW did they film that?? I even flinched!  OW!

32. Look at those men! Beautiful!

33. Crows are not a good sign.

34. Death comes?

35. What did he say? I’m not ashamed to admit that was spooky!

36. HOLY SHIT! The Allfather is TERRIFYING!!

37. Ivar has gone mad.

38. Ragnar is dead. Damn it.

40. Ragnar is dead. It hurts. It still hurts.

41. Beautifully brutal. Michael Hirst. You broke my heart and I am grateful for the experience.

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