PITCH: Don’t Say It’s Over {Recap}

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Pitch reminded me this week that there are three words you don’t say when something goes well for a pitcher. Well, in a certain context: a pitcher, who has recorded the exact minimum in outs with only walks, otherwise known as a no-hitter.

Ginny (Kylie Burbury) flirts with a no-hitter in her last game of the season, and the team is anxious about her work and what the fallout is when Mike’s (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) deal with the Cubs falls thrown.

Of course, Ginny’s potentially no-hitter comes after one of the guys in analytics (those numbers guys) comes to say that Ginny shouldn’t pitch anymore because of the stress that the screw ball has on her arm.

In the end, that analytics guy was right: Ginny’s no-hitter is ended when she pulls something in her throwing arm after finishing the 8th inning.

PITCH: L-R: Kevin Connolly and Mark Consuelos in the all-new “Don’t Say It” episode of PITCH airing Thursday, Dec. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Ray Mickshaw / FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

Oscar (Mark Consuelos) and Charlie (Kevin Connolly) do poll all the relevant people about shutting Ginny down, even Blip (Mo McRea), though the number of differing opinions is too wide-ranging to do much else but let Ginny pitch one final game before she’s shut down.

The no-hitter helps to crystallize a few of the other issues between everyone in the show. Ginny wants Amelia (Ali Larter) to stop trying to control Ginny’s life, and for once Ginny wants to have a choice of her own. She has spent years being at the mercy of everyone else that freedom is a foreign concept. Even Noah (Tyler Hilton) wants to take Ginny on a world tour and not listen to what she might want. Ginny even tells Mike off when he wants to give her an inspirational speech (and says herself that she’s going to throw the no-hitter) and after so many other people thinking for her – even with her one night off – Ginny has followed too many orders to have a chance to tell the world what she wants.

So in the end, is this injury a bad thing? Sure Ginny’s been the role model for all girls who want to dream of playing baseball, but injuries are a part of pitching and can derail success before it fully blossoms.

In the end, what will happen to Ginny? Hopefully there’s a second season of Pitch to answer that question as she’s certainly down for the last few weeks of September.

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