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5 BEAUTIFULLY BRUTAL Moments from VIKINGS ‘The Vision’

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This weeks Vikings episode was full of emotional moments.  These scenes raise conflicting feelings which keep coming back for more week after week. Check out our top five below!

1. Ragnar’s Rejection

Let’s face it. Ragnar is not the King he once was. A defeat of such magnitude paired with the betrayal of his brother Rollo left his spirit much changed. Seeing him almost beg for warriors to raid was humiliating. Have the gods truly forsaken him? I truly understand his anger and sense of betrayal in how once loyal people forgot their oaths to their king.

2. Ivar’s Pity

Talk about awkward family dinners! Ivar’s brothers strike to the bone as only siblings can. ”Sometimes we wish she had left you for the wolves.”  Sigurd words to his brother were cruel and true in the same moment. Ivar’s fury was equal parts shame and anger to be sure.

3. Lagerthas goodbye to Bjorn

The farewell scene between mother and son was beautiful. Did you notice that cuff? It meant “Don’t die out there my son!”

4. Ragnar’s Forgiveness of Aslaug.

Finally! What sorcery is this? Ragnar confronts his wife in a wholly unexpected way. With gentle hands to her hair and a voice full of regret and gratitude. Ragnar’s kindness broke through the ice around her long frozen heart. Can we yet dare hope a shred of the former King remains?

5. Ivars walk of shame

Ivar’s determination to raid with his once famous father is admirable. And, who would have guessed I’d actually feel compassion for this spoiled psychopath? His struggle was gut wrenching and yet he continued and persevered. Could our young terror actually become someone of worth?

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