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3 Unanswered Questions from VIKINGS Mid-Season FINALE

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Thank the Gods!

It’s no secret we LOVE The History Channel series Vikings. We celebrate the second part of it’s fourth season by looking back at unanswered questions we had from the mid-season finale. Take a look below at our list and be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming interviews and exclusive video we have regarding the rest of the season. Vikings returns this Wednesday, November 30th at 9 Eastern.

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1. Why was the Seer SCREAMING?

If Sir-Lick’s-a-lot is afraid, then I AM TERRIFIED!

VIK_Lagerthapensive2. Did Lagertha Survive?

We saw Lagertha wounded in battle and then later taken away by Bjorn. After the time jump our favorite Shield Maiden is nowhere to be found! How will we
survive not knowing?

VIK_trioready3. Where did Ragnar go after his defeat in France?

Seeing the two brothers face-off was excruciating and Rollo deserved his victory. Clearly Ragnar was woefully unprepared thanks to his addiction and arrogance. I, for one, never expected him to run away as he did after the conflict.

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