Lucifer Roundtable: Homewrecker

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What an episode! There was a lot of home wrecking going on and the Nice Girls had a lot to say so let’s dig in!

Lucifer and Amenadial on a double decker bus tour of LA. And…Go!

Leah: The LA “highlights” that Lucifer points out were hilarious! The look on Amenadial’s face was also as amusing.

Melissa: That was amazing! What were they even doing there? Bro bonding? Meanwhile that drug dealer is now Insta famous.

Karen: Sounds like the start of a really bad joke, right? It’s not too far off the mark since Lucifer takes over, points out a drug dealer as a “Landmark,” and leads them all to Lux. I mean, I’d *love* to be on that tour, wouldn’t you?

Lisa: Yes! We totally need a Nice Girls LA bus tour led by Lucifer! lol Let’s make it happen.

Cay: It was both funny and sad that the people on the bus much preferred Lucifer’s sinful version! Although considering the previous tour guide’s clear disinterest, you can’t blame them one bit. I’d like to have seen the conversation that led to them getting on the bus. Really doesn’t seem like something that either of them would normally do.

Mama Morningstar appears to really want Luci to go home to the Silver City with her but her feelings don’t seem genuine. What is her motive?

Leah: I’m going with to spite God. She wants to arrive “home” with her sons by her side. She’s a manipulative celestial goddess.

Melissa: Could she be plotting a coup? If she returns home with the prodigal son(s) and catches her ex off-guard, could she take over Heaven?

Karen: Man, I have some half-theories, but holy heaven do I want to find out. She seems to be the definition of “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.” Is she just trying to get back at ol’ hubs for sending her to Hell? Is she trying to get back to Heaven? Does she want to take over the Kingdom of Hubs? I still don’t know, I just know she’s up to NO DAMN GOOD.

Lisa: Yeah, she is definitely up to no good. Mel I never thought of the take over aspect of heaven, but boy wouldn’t that be something. I’m with Karen. I can’t wait to find out!

Cay: It’s either trying to take over, or trying to make God feel bad – hey look, we broke up but the kids are on my side. Interesting that she said that God was her ex. Has he remarried? If you are the two most powerful celestial beings and you divorce, are you then alone forever unless you marry below your status? Questions, I have questions! Maybe me and Dr. Linda can sit them all down for a chat…

2 words. Lucifer Dancing!!!

Leah: Two words: Have Mercy.

Melissa: One word: GAH. More words: I liked that Lucifer and Chloe dancing together was more…tender than overtly sexual. Compare how he held her to the belly shots he was doing earlier. Dr. Linda is not wrong about them.

Cay: Yes, I liked the tenderness for sure! I also liked that for once Chloe wasn’t a stick in the mud and relented!

Karen: This scene took me back to when I used to watch Disney’s Enchanted whenever I needed a pick-me-up. When Patrick Dempsey dances with Amy Adams I get all melty. (and yes, I was FIRMLY an adult when Enchanted came out) Seeing Chloe so happy once she started dancing was so great. Of course Charlotte had to ruin it.

Lisa: I really enjoyed this scene because it was so care free. Dr. Linda was definitely on to something.

Well, well, well. Detective Douche and Mama Morningstar getting frisky. Thoughts?

Leah: Yuck. Honestly. Just….yuck. Remind me, does Dan not remember the case of Charlotte? What was he thinking?

Melissa: I might have mirrored Amanadiel’s face on that one. (Maze taking a picture of said face cracked me up.) Did Dan ever see Charlotte? Wasn’t he working on another case? I get why he’s attracted – she’s hot and he doesn’t know that she’s Lucifer’s mum.

Karen: *shudder* Remember how Linda reacted after figuring out she slept with Lucifer? Well, if Dan ever figures out who he slept with…

Cay: Sleeping with God’s ex-wife is probably less dramatic than the devil, I’d think, right? Most guys would be pretty pleased with themselves! Now, if he finds out that she’s Lucifer’s mom, then that’s a different situation!

Lisa: Barf! I can’t wait for him to find out who she is…and what is Lucifer going to do when he finds out?

Dr. Linda gave Luci a huge dose of truth and it was a hard pill for him to swallow. How do you think this discovery of his feelings for Chloe will affect him?

Leah: We might finally get some…fun. I love Dr. Linda. She is such a great character. The way she tells Lucifer things is just…perfect. He needs to hear it.

Melissa: The look on Lucifer’s face when he figured out what Dr. Linda was implying was a good bit of acting from Tom Ellis. I like that he continued to be stunned afterward, even though it meant bailing on Chloe. Crossing my fingers that he gets to her before Charlotte pushes that red button.

Speaking of Charlotte, I actually said, “Uh oh”, out loud, when Charlotte realized what Dr. Linda was implying about Chloe. I feel like that was a breech in doctor/patient confidentiality from Dr. Linda, but it wouldn’t have taken Charlotte long to figure it out on her own. Especially after that dance.

Karen: He HATES it. He goes to see Dr. Linda because he thinks he wants to know the truth, but sometimes he doesn’t. Lucifer’s still got that wall up when it comes to Chloe because he’s terrified that she’ll hate him if she finds out who he really is, and then he’ll lose the one thing that he truly loves. Not that he’s the first person to do that, but his consequences are ramped up ten-thousand percent from us mere mortals.

Lisa: I agree with Mel. Tom Ellis gave a great performance in this scene. I felt bad for Chloe. She was all dressed up and he blew her off. I know if Mama Morningstar gets to her before Lucifer does, it’s all bad news.

Cay: I love every scene with Dr. Linda!

Favorite moment/line?

Leah: I really can’t pick.

Melissa: Dr. Linda meeting Charlotte was an outstanding scene for me. From their body language (Dr. Linda was using ALL her courage there!) to what they said to how it was shot emphasizing the difference in stature, that was a brilliant scene.

Cay: Totally with Melissa here!

Karen: Maze & Amenadiel watching Charlotte with Dan… Cringy and hilarious. I felt the exact same way. They WERE the audience. Brilliant writing. The tour bus was great too.

Lisa: I’m going with the tour bus scene. It was a great opening and when Lucifer took the mic…it was hilarious! Shout out to the drug dealer.

Episode MVP?

Leah: I’m going with Chloe.

Melissa: Chloe surprised me in this episode. She was considerate and understanding about Lucifer losing his home, she loosened up a little bit with him. Yep, I’m going with Chloe this week.

Karen: Sleepy Pete….NO WAIT… Chloe.

Melissa:Ha! Sleepy Pete. 😀

lucspecialKaren: I had to. I like to be a rebel. Oh, one more thing: in the preview for next week, we hear Charlotte say, “Now we know why she’s special.” She’s talking about Chloe, right? Do you think we’re going to learn why Lucifer’s powers of suggestion don’t work on her? Or is Charlotte being sarcastic?  actually tweeted about that when it happened! I’m so excited to find out!!!

Cay: I’m going with Dr. Linda. I wish she was my friend/therapist!

Lisa: Sleepy Pete! Hee Hee Hee. It is tough for me, but I’m going with Luci. Between the tour bus and the scene with him realizing his feelings for Chloe, he sealed the deal for me.

Parting Thoughts?

Cay: Because it hasn’t come up anywhere else, can I just comment that there is no way that the dead man’s son who jumped/fell from that building would be back in his house that same day or the next day with his whole body in a cast – he would have been in the hospital for weeks. This really bugged me, but once again, the case of the week wasn’t really important except for the part about Luci losing Lux.

Lisa: OMG Cay! Yes that bugged me too. I was like really? A body cast and at home, and he was alert enough to discuss the case? Yeah right! I can’t wait to see what happens next week, especially with Chloe!

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