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DOCTOR WHO: Lost Episode to Reair

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Doctor Who, this weekend, will air a long-lost episode for the first time since it originally aired fifty years ago.

“The Power of the Daleks”, where the first “revival” (now regeneration) of the Doctor occurred was lost to an archive purge by the BBC back in the 1970s. What will be showed to the US on Saturday night will be mostly animated with the original audio and some still photos connected from the original tapings.

Originally aired as a six-part story, starts with the Doctor’s two companions failing to believe that the younger man in front of them is still The Doctor and must work to stop some Daleks from taking over a colony on a planet call Vulcan, at the behest of a colony scientist wants to.

For many diehard Doctor Who fans, having an animated copy of these episode fills in a gap of the ninety-seven episodes lost. Even if most of those episodes have fan-recorded audio files, there is something be to said for one of the longest running series to be seen again. Having spent many Februarys with a few thousand Who fans (Gallifrey One is a great con and truly gets at the heart of fandom), I know that this episode will be an honor to watch.



The Power of the Daleks airs Saturday at 8:25PM/7:25PM Central on BBC America for the next six weeks.

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