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Stan Lee made it cool to be a geek, a misfit and an outlier.

Stan Lee is a shining example of the consequences of a life well-lived when you maintain a positive mindset. “You have two choices, you can either be happy or unhappy. Being unhappy doesn’t get you anywhere,” said Mr. Lee at a SDCC 2016 panel. “If you’re doing what you enjoy doing, it isn’t work. … Work is when you are with people you don’t care about and it’s doing things you don’t like to do.”

It’s no secret Mr. Lee is one of the most influential artists in today’s society. Comics, pop culture, movies and the rise of comic cons and fan festivals around the globe can all trace their origins in some part to his creative genius. At 93, we are grateful this Con God shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.  In fact, at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Mr. Lee debuted his new venture, the Hands of Respect campaign.

Thank you Mr. Lee for your generosity of spirit and unending creativity. This Nice Girl is grateful for your example. Excelsior!

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