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Every year hordes of people descend on San Diego for Comic Con. The Nice Girls are no different. We come from all corners of the country to geek out together over everything pop culture.

We’d like to present to you: Our Top Comic Con Moments!

Definitely having both Claire Coffee and Bitsie Tulloch from Grimm recognize me in the press room and the NBC party. It was also so cool to meet the cast of Blindspot and to have Sullivan Stapleton peering over my shoulder (unbenowst to me) while I took a picture of Roz and Jamie Alexander and then having him take a selfie with me.unnamed

My moment was tied between getting a hug from Clive Standen and receiving phenomenal life advice when Stan Lee made an appearance at panel. You can watch the video of Stan Lee the King of all Cons here.


The tap dance that Jesse L. Martin and Grant Gustin put on at the end of The Flash panel and the singing of a Hamilton song at the end of the Arrow panel tied for being my favorite “moment”.

I’m gonna go with Sophie Turner telling me should could lost in my eyes at the Game of Thrones signing- also, just the Game of Thrones signing in general. I have two words for you: Iwan Rheon.Capture

The Nerd HQ panel with Tom Hiddleston was the highlight.

My top moment is a toss up between having a conversation with THE Joss Whedon and interviewing Tom Felton, who told me he liked my Marauders Map phone case. But then there was being in the same room as the Sherlock cast and creative team, interviewing the Lucifer cast and writers, and so many more. This was a great year!13692540_10100481449838090_4242331078243480384_n

I met Tim Rozon from Wynonna Earp so that tops the list. Although the Supernatural panel was the most fun. That cast was hilarious and all of their antics were entertaining.

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