INTERVIEW: Rachele Brooke Smith

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We had the chance to chat with Rachele Brooke Smith. She most recently can be seen in Nice Guys along side Ryan Gosling and Center Stage: On Pointe on Lifetime. She is a dancer, an actor, an author, the list goes on. She is very talented and will continue doing amazing things in the future.

See what she had to say below and be sure to catch Center Stage: On Pointe over at Lifetime.

Q: You have a strong dance background. Is dance something you always wanted to do?
After I saw the first Center Stage film I made a deep personal commitment to work as hard as I could to be able to dance, act, perform and inspire, just like the girls I watched up on that big screen. I have probably danced every day since. I love dance and will always dance – it’s just a part of who I am. I want to be the 80 year old in the dance class! It makes me a better person and actress. In fact, dance is how I get into a creative flow state to then create characters. I would encourage all actors out there to try incorporating more dance training into their lives and creative process to create and connect with their characters.

Q: You have done a mix of TV and movies – do you have a favorite genre? What is it and why?
I have an obsession with filmmaking that inspires and changes lives for the better, so getting to be a part of anything that does that is my favorite. I really love the most recent characters and projects I worked on that will be coming out this year!

Q: What can you tell us about your character in the upcoming “Center Stage: On Pointe”?
She is Kate Parker from “Center Stage: Turn It Up” but about 7 years later! You’ll have to tune in to see what Kate’s up to now!

Q: You also founded Unbreakable. How did that get started?
Unbreakable was greatly inspired from my “Center Stage” story and is centered around what I have learned along my journey of going after and achieving my dreams. I feel so blessed to get to live out my dreams, and I want to help others live theirs. Ever since I was young, I have wanted to help others live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. I want to create amazing art and content that inspires people to want to be the best versions of themselves everyday, and never let anyone (even themselves) hold them back.

Unbreakable Productions (my company) provides fun, uplifting and inspirational content (and products soon!) on a regular basis to help viewers discover their inner strength, utilize the power of inner-inertia, and remain Unbreakable through life’s challenges.

One of my favorite things is when I get letters and video messages from fans or people who have attended one of my workshops that say things like “because of your workshop, I finally have the confidence to go after my dream/love myself/have the strength not to listen to anyone telling me I can’t do the things I really want to do!”

I have an EP called “Action Hero At Life” that is available on iTunes. Link here.  My eBook “Your Creative Roadmap To Being Unbreakable” is being released on June 25th, the same day as “Center Stage”. I also have Disruptive Apparel – it’s a visual movement with a message, fueled by comfy, quirky, inspirational t-shirts and cool content that celebrates and empowers those who think differently.

Q: Favorite fan interaction?
I love Facebook Live and doing regular live Q&As with fans on my page. Link here.
I love connecting with my fans. The best place to connect with me is my website ( You can sign up and get things I only share through there. I’m very active on Twitter (@RacheleBSmith) and Instagram (@RBrookeSmith). I also have a YouTube page (

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