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As Person of Interest begins its fifth and final season, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is set to release it on Blu-ray and DVD. Release date is July 19th and will include all 13 season five episodes plus the “Finale for the Fans” featurette, the show’s 2015 Comic-Con Panel and more bonus content (see below). Season five finds the team of covert crime fighters faced with the potential demise of The Machine as its rival, Samaritan, begins to take control.

For years, the Person of Interest team, consisting of tech genius Harold Finch (Michael Emerson – Lost), ex-agent John Reese (Jim Caviezel – The Thin Red Line), NYPD Detective Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman – Mystic River), cyber-hacker Root (Amy Acker – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and missing-in-action operative Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi – Chicago Fire), have been protected by The Machine. As worlds collided, however, and a rival AI known as Samaritan finally cornered The Machine inside the nation’s power grid, it was the POI team’s turn to protect Finch’s creation.

In season five, the cold war is over. The world might appear to look the same, but something has drastically changed. Samaritan’s lethal “correction” has initiated its control. Finch’s Machine is essentially dead. Shaw is still missing. And the team is once again hiding in plain sight. But with Samaritan’s invisible grip tightening everywhere, will Finch be able to rebuild and resurrect The Machine? And if he does, will it be the same Machine when it comes back online?

“Season after season, Person of Interest has kept viewers completely engaged. It was a brilliantly crafted series with intriguing story lines, complex characters and outstanding production that will definitely be missed. The premise of the show was timely, relevant and thought provoking,” said Rosemary Markson, WBHE Senior Vice President, TV Marketing. She added, “We are delighted to release the fifth and final season in addition to the complete series set on Blu-ray and DVD for devoted fans to be able to re-watch this action-packed series.”

Since the series debuted on CBS five years ago, Person of Interest has continued to captivate audiences and remains a consistent fan favorite among viewers.

Person of Interest was created by Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) and executive-produced by J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lost), Nolan, Greg Plageman (Cold Case, NYPD Blue), Bryan Burk (Fringe, Lost, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Denise Thé (Medium, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Person of Interest is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc., in association with Bad Robot Productions and Warner Bros. Television.


· 2015 Comic-Con Panel

· “Finale for the Fans” Featurette

· Revelations of Person of Interest Featurette




1. B.S.O.D.


3. Truth Be Told

4. 6,741

5. ShotSpotter

6. A More Perfect Union

7. QSO

8. Reassortment

9. Sotto Voce

10. The Day the World Went Away

11. Synechdoche

12. .exe

13. return 0

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