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3 Shocking Losses from Vikings ‘Death All ‘Round’

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1. Lagertha Looses her baby

It was bound to happen, but we didn’t want to believe it. The Lothbrok men gathered around our favorite Shield Maiden in her darkest hour. Seeing Ragnar comfort his former wife was such an intimate moment. Watching them remain after Lagertha demanded they leave was beautiful to behold. These Viking men knew, when no words help, sometimes just being there is enough.


2. Torvi Kills Erlendur

Way to go Torvi! Seeing her come into her own was memorable. In killing Erlendur, she may have gained what she most wanted Bjorn’s trust and maybe a piece of his heart.

3. Siggy dies thanks to Aslaug’s neglect.

Bjorn’s only child with his former wife Porunn was left with the WORST caretaker ever! Aslaug allowed her charge to die while drowning her heartbreak over Harbard is inexcusable. It is ironic that little Siggy died in a similar manner of her namesake.

This is our first episode without Yidu. Check our our interview of Dianne Doan here regarding her character Yidu’s relationship with Ragnar. Need more Vikings coverage? Check our our other interviews and sneak peeks, here!

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