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LUCIFER Video! Discover Why The Nice Girls Are Squabbling Over Tom Ellis!

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Lucifer premiers TONIGHT on FOX and the ladies of Nice Girls TV are a-flutter! 

After the pilot ALL of the Nice Girls were completely won over by the seemingly unlikely series, so much so, that friendly/not so friendly bickering broke out! Seriously folks! There is even a unique hashtag assigned to the Tom Ellis tug-of-war declaring him to be our #FutureFakeHusband!

You can follow along with our competition here. All of this talk of Tom Ellis has me fondly remembering seeing the newly crowned Satan strolling through the press area wearing a Comic Con swag bag emblazoned with his portrait as Lucifer. Tom and the entire cast seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously! I am kicking myself now for not taking the shot and capturing the moment! Perhaps the Nice Girls will get another opportunity in the future.

Watch the videos below and you will understand all the fuss! Be sure to tune in for the premier tonight at 9 pm on FOX and join with us @NiceGirlsTV and @PxlWvr as we live tweet the series! Lucifer is sure to delight!

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