ARROW: “Lost Souls” {Recap}

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It feels like everyone’s back from the dead after tonight’s episode – and maybe that’s true.

Sara’s back to being her whole self, with some added bloodlust, and by the end of the episode, Ray’s not only not dead, but he’s been unshrunk by Team Arrow and will go off to find a new place to be (hey both of them are on Legends of Tomorrow so we know where they’re headed), and that was done in the mist of watching Felicity freak out about Ray not being dead.

Which is to say, it feels like any day that ends in a Y in Star City.

But that said, the team, eventually, gets Ray unshrunk and away from Damian Dahrk.

That’s not before Felicity also has to deal with a surprise visit from her mom, thanks to Oliver. To say that doesn’t go well is an understatement. Felicity’s mom is just one more stress for Felicity that she can’t overcome, and she also tries to distance herself from Oliver as a result.

Should we be shocked that Felicity and Oliver aren’t as stable as people might want to them to me? No, I don’t think so. In the end, though, maybe the stress and the freak out were what they both needed, because there was some very nice making out to end the episode.

It might not just be the two of them, though, that are getting romantic. Thea’s going to try dating Oliver’s political strategist, and it also looks like Momma Smoak and Daddy Lance are talking. That last one would be so awkward I don’t even want it to be a real thing. Imagine a Thanksgiving? Lances, Queens, Smoaks, Diggles and too many exes between everyone.

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