ARROW: “Beyond Redemption” {Recap}

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Oliver running for Mayor isn’t the most important thing in this episode, right? Nor is it important to watch Thea fall back into old ways for the sake of trying to take down some corrupt cops. That’s all about par for the course in this series now: Oliver’s attempted ways a being good and Thea’s tenuous grasp on being good.

Sure, maybe watching Captain Lance and Oliver go at it as adversaries here is worth something, but it’s not why I’d want to watch this episode. I mean, Oliver pisses off someone important, news at eleven. Our evil cops are spearheaded by Rutina Wesley, of True Blood fame being a cop trying to protect her family by stealing drugs and then selling them back.

The most important thing is just watching the Lance family deal with Sara back from the dead. The Lazurus Pit is a crazy place, we know, but now there’s even more proof of the bad idea it is to bring someone back (let’s not talk about Thea’s bloodlust), especially if Sara tries to kill more than just Laurel. I mean, Lance family drama has been long been a standard in this show, but now it seems as if the family secrets might rip them wholly apart.

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