BEING HUMAN: There Goes the Neighborhood Part III Video Clip

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Being Human is airing it’s final episode tonight and it is no holds barred. I’m going to try to hold it together over here because typing, “series finale or final episode” makes me downright teary.

In addition to tonight’s episode Syfy sent over an inside look at episode 12. You can see that and the sneak peek below.

Tonight’s episode “There Goes the Neighborhood Part III” finds Sally making a major sacrifice to keep two of her roommates from killing each other.

NiceGirl Mynda and I will be tweeting along with the series finale. Mynda tweets with the East Coast airing and I’ve got the West Coast.

You can find Mynda on Twitter at @PxlWvr
You can find me on Twitter at @IamPollyP

Being Human airs tonight 9/8c on Syfy

There Goes The Neighborhood, Part III – Sneak Peek

Episode 12 – Inside Being Human

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