DRACULA 1.08 – ‘Come to Die’ Vlad Has A Hissy Fit

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Long Hair Suits Vlad!

Long Hair Suits Vlad!

For those of you who haven’t been watching, Dracula is incredible! It took some time for the plot lines to come together, but the wait has been worth it. Pay attention people. This show is getting very interesting!

Oh my! Love the flashbacks! Tepes is remembering his lost love. Renfield always speaks the TRUTH. “There is folly in this obsession. Folly and threat. If you want the girl, then take her. But if you cannot take her, then walk away.” At least he tried, but love has a way of trumping all logic.

Mina makes a discovery in VanHelsings lab, but her efforts are foiled from Daddy. Father knows something is up. “What is the American to you?” Father gives his offspring bittersweet advice. “Follow your heart.” Ms. Murray is disturbed by Jonathan’s news and rebuffs Vlad. Later, back in the lab she is accosted by Davenport’s lackeys and was saved by a Vampire who discovered the perfect outlet for his recent frustrations.

Browning and The Order puts pressure on their Huntress.

Browning and The Order puts pressure on their Huntress.

Lady Jayne is disturbed. Vampires are crawling out of the woodwork. Her task is clear.
“Go. Find it and destroy it.” She discovers her quarry, but this chick’s not going down without a fight. Before she dies a name is revealed. Vlad Tepes. The Huntress takes her news to the council Vlad was “Created, not sired by us.”  The Order does not believe and demands proof. After torturing a few of his minions, another bit of information is released. Vlad is a Daywalker.

Jon boy is is troubled. Again. He’s been hoodwinked, it chafes and now he’s got a gun! He confronts Mina with his disappointments. Sadly, Mr. Harker does not see the truth before his very eyes. When he finally does see the light, Jonathan fails again with Mina. When his fiancé is attacked, our boy finally grows some stones and decides to confront Davenport for the abuse. To no one’s regret Davenport is shot and “The Painting” is revealed.

Harker's got a gun!

Harker’s got a gun!

Abraham and that freaking contraption! I swear he is a mad man! “I will have my revenge.”
I feel he’s getting some of it by torturing Vlad himself.

Alexander pays a visit to Lady Jayne and the ruse is up. Well, at least one of them. Jayne confesses her knowledge of his attraction to Mina and admits defeat. When Mina appears and voices her anger. Vlad throws a tantrum and it’s up to Renfield to rein him in. The knock to the floor against Alexander’s thick skull aids in reasoning.

Dracula - Season 1Lucy has swatches but uses another weapon against Jonathan. She is rebuffed, yet twists the knife deeper when she opens his eyes to Mina’s attraction to Vlad. Lucy needs to learn that playing with fire has consequences and when Jonathan jumps her bones, I don’t know that she realized what she was getting herself into. Boy howdy! I think she likes it!

Renfield is the calm oasis in the middle of the storm between Abraham and Vlad and deserves a big, fat Gold Star in tonight’s episode. He brings a welcome voice of wisdom to the two men blinded by their own anger. Seeing him hold his own against Dracula was refreshing. The fight scene was a sight to behold! That guy can take a beating!


  • Who took the children?
  • I wonder how much, if any of Alexander’s confession Mina heard?

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