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Lifetime TV kicks off its holiday programming with a sweet tale of dreams coming true if only you can conquer your fears. A Country Christmas Story has all the heart, hope and warmth we’ve come to expect from a Lifetime original movie. It stars the ageless Dolly Parton, the beautifully talented Brian McKnight and Falling Skies actress, Desiree Ross.

Grace is a 14 year old girl living in a small town in the Appalachian mountain area. When she discovers a love and talent for music, Mr. Henley encourages her to enter a contest for the next rising star country singer hosted by Dolly Parton. In order to enter, Grace must make a video recording of herself singing a song which she wrote. With Mr. Henley’s help and her grandmother’s ( Mary Kay Place) encouragement, Grace writes a beautiful song and teaches herself to play a guitar, which happens to have belonged to her estranged father.

Grace has to overcome more than learning to write a song for a contest. Her mother (Megyn Price) is against the idea of Grace having anything to do with music at all, and her father, Danny (Brian McKnight), hasn’t been home to see her since leaving some years ago. In what should have been the most exciting moment of her young life, Grace is surrounded by people who refuse to listen to her or support her, or even care about her dreams. She finally gets the attention of both Jenny and Danny on that stage in Dollywood.

A Country Christmas Story, while not heavily focused on Christmas, is a sweet intro to the season. It was a pleasure to watch and hear all the musical talent in this movie. Desiree Ross has a lovely voice that fits so well with the country set. You’re treated to a song by Brian McKnight which is a little holiday present in itself, and Dolly sings “Jingle Bells” for us. Take some time out this weekend and gather the family together for a movie fit for all ages.

A Country Christmas Story premieres Saturday, November 9 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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