TV’s Evolving Career Women: Mary Tyler Moore meets Carrie Bradshaw meets “Girls”

TV’s Evolving Career Women: Mary Tyler Moore meets Carrie Bradshaw meets “Girls”

I love a good comparison study, and when it involves a short trip into the past all the better. generated some buzz with a recent infographic they constructed showing the evolution of the career woman in television.

Kicking things off with the sexy, smart and hilarious Mary Tyler Moore, the infograph moves on to the ups and downs of being Carrie Bradshaw to the drama in the life of the “Girls” from HBO. Focus is on nine themes from the opening sequence of the respective shows and on through family, home, gal pals, fashion, dating and ending with the changes in attitude and conversation on sex.

I find the changes interesting but even more interesting are the things that stay the same.

What would you add to this graphic?






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