Women Behind the Scenes Spotlight: Carol Flint

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Carol Flint

Today’s Women Behind the Scenes spotlight is focused on TV producer and writer Carol Flint.

Carol got her start in the entertainment industry in 1988, working as a story editor then an executive story editor on the ground-breaking Vietnam War series China Beach, moving onto being a part of the writer’s room and later a producer on the four-season-long ABC series.

When that series came to an end in 1991, she worked as a writing and supervising producer for the acclaimed NBC legal drama L.A. Law; then she followed that with work on the short-lived 1994 sci-fi drama Earth 2 where she was a writer and executive producer.

It was in 1995 that things change for Carol, as she became a part of the writer’s room for the long-running and critically acclaimed NBC medical drama ER, where she served as a writer for four seasons, and then as a co-executive producer and an executive producer for one year each.

In 2002, she worked two projects that did not make it air: The Court and The Big Time, serving as writer and executive producer on both projects. But it wasn’t long after that she hit her next big project: The West Wing. Carol worked for only one season on the acclaimed NBC drama, but she served as a writer, consulting producer and supervising producer during her time with the beloved series.

Carol wrote the story for the 2005 box office film Duma that starred Campbell Scott and Hope Davis and then segwayed back to TV in 2006 as a writer and executive producer for one season on the CBS military drama The Unit. It was that same year that she worked as an executive producer on the short-lived drama Six Degrees.

Over the past four seasons, Carol has worked as a writer, consulting producer and co-executive producer on the popular and long-running USA Network dramedy Royal Pains.

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