Women Behind the Scenes Spotlight: Gillian Horvath

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Gillian Horvath

Today’s Women Behind the Scenes spotlight is shone on writer, producer and show developer Gillian Horvath.

Gillian started out as a writer on the late 1980’s and 1990’s TV shows such as the original Miami Vice, Quantum Leap, Beverly Hills 90210, Forever Knight, Diagnosis Murder, Baywatch and Xena: Warrior Princess. During this time she also worked on the popular syndicated series Highlander acting as a script coordinator, consultant and associate creative consultant.

At the start of the century she continued as a writer, working on shows like Queen of Swords, MythQuest, BeastMaster, Adventure Inc., Andromeda and Young Blades.

It was in 2006 when Gillian was promoted to supervising producer for the TV series Dante’s Cove and over the next two years she worked as a writer and a creative consultant for Painkiller Jane and writer and consulting producer for Flash Gordon.

Over the past several TV seasons, she has worked as a writer and supervising producer for Sanctuary, a writer for R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour and writer and executive producer for Primeval: New World, which is currently airing on Syfy.

Gillian is also involved re-publications of the original Leslie Charteris “The Saint” books that will be coming out between now and next February, consisting of 35 titles in the UK and 49 via Amazon in the United States. A new TV pilot for The Saint has been shot, but details on where or if the series will air is “top secret”.

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For those who would like to follow Gillian online, they can visit her blog here or via her Twitter page at @GillianHorvath.

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