Nice Girls Spoil: True Blood, Necessary Roughness, Rizzoli & Isles, Devious Maids

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Summertime no longer means endless reruns on the tube, which means spoilers for us TV-obsessed Nice Girls! We’ve got scoop on your favorite summer shows, including danger on True Blood, fresh challenges on Necessary Roughness, ¬†family ties on Rizzoli & Isles, and revelations on Devious Maids.

True Blood

If you’re getting a kick out of Andy Bellefleur as a daddy to four rapidly growing half-faery daughters on True Blood, brace yourself for that storyline to turn dark. As hilarious as it was to see the toddlers wake up Daddy and gambol around the field as he yelled for Maurella, those cutie pies are headed for trouble. Remember when Maurella charged him with seeing that “at least half” of them survived to adulthood? That wasn’t an idle jest.

Necessary Roughness

Has Dr. Dani finally met her match? In the next episode – bumped to July 10 to accommodate a certain national holiday – Welsh hottie Ioan Gruffudd guest stars as a self-help guru who doesn’t believe in therapy and immediately clashes with Dani. The irony is that he is in desperate need of Dr. Dani’s expertise. So what happens when she runs into someone who so obviously needs her help, but so adamantly refuses it? A scene that will give you goosebumps.

Rizzoli & Isles

For someone who professes that she doesn’t want to have contact with her biological family, Maura certainly does spend a lot of time with them. The next episode is a veritable family reunion when Maura’s sister asks her to talk with their mother who has been getting visits from “scary men” late at night. A conversation with the reticent Hope leads to a meeting with Paddy Doyle as the couple’s secret past begins to come to light and Maura becomes more entangled with the family she never knew.

Devious Maids

The final moments of the series premiere revealed Marisol’s familial connection to the alleged murderer, but further surprises are on the way when Marisol’s real identity is teased at the beginning of the second episode. The opening scene is told from Marisol’s point of view as she receives word that her son has been arrested. The setting, and the person who delivers the news, puts a whole new face on her undercover operation.

Looking for scoop on your favorite shows? Drop us a note and we’ll do our best to suss out some news for you!

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