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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: “Turn of the Shoe”, or Manolos Never Lie

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It wasn’t a really epic episode of Pretty Little Liars last night, but we did get some clues and a new Ali flashback. And I have a question for all of you smart and observant readers: after three seasons of threats and attacks from ‘A’, why in the world do these girls still insist on leaving their doors and windows unlocked? I need to know this.

The episode begins with the girls talking about Ashley’s phone being found in Wilden’s coffin, when Mona walks in. As she starts a conversation with the girls they all face off against her. they still don’t trust her, and rightly so but I couldn’t help feeling bad for her. She agrees to take them all to the trailer but when they get there, they find it gone. the girls are convinced that Mona moved it to keep the girls from it. As they all get in their cars to leave, Aria and Emily stay behind to watch Mona. As Mona gets in her car the masked person grabs her and starts to choke her. Aria and Emily see that something is wrong and just as they are walking up to Mona;s car, her door opens and she falls out. As the girls tend to her, masked person takes off in Mona’s car, but then turns it around and aims for the three girls. Emily pushes them all out of the way but falls on a rock and injures her shoulder.

Aria: It’s really odd to see Aria sitting in Fitz’s class, knowing they’re not together anymore. Some awkward moments for sure but after last night’s episode I’m pretty sure I’m over it. Aria takes up a private self-defense class with a hot teacher whom she ends up kissing. Funny he should mention awkward teacher/student relationships. Anyway, I’m glad Aria is doing this and I’d love to see her kick some ‘A’ but the next time she is attacked.

Hannah: Ashley is back from New York, but only after Hannah finds a bag with her shoes in it, covered in mud. Hannah is becoming suspicious of Mom and when the girls learn that the police have taped off the area by the lake as they continue their investigation, she questions Ashley about it. Ashley tells Hannah that she didn’t kill Wilden but won’t admit to being in Rosewood when she should have been at her convention. Later we see Ashley bagging up those shoes and just as she’s about to take them out to the trash, the backyard light goes out. Ashley goes out there anyway. See, it’s things like that that I just don’t get. If you think someone is out there, why would you go out there on your own?

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "Turn of the Shoe"

Hannah also has a little chat with Mrs. D who has Ali’s bird, Tippy. Tippy talks. This could become really interesting. Hannah begins asking Mrs. D if she is absolutely sure the body that was found was Ali’s. Mrs.D is sure because she recognized the yellow blouse found on the corpse. This prompts a flashback where Mrs. D and Ali are out to lunch and Ali is asking for permission to have the girls over to the lake house for a sleepover. When Mrs. D refuses Ali holds her breath like a two year-old spoiled brat used to getting her own way. And she did get her way. Back in the present, Mrs. D tells Hannah that Ali perfected that manipulative move when she was a baby. And guess who gets the bird? No really, Mrs. D gives Hannah Tippy.

Emily: Emily tries to hide her shoulder injury from Paige because she doesn’t want Paige back on ‘A’s’ radar. She has a swim meet coming up though and she has to be there, so she starts taking pain pills. During the meet she misjudges the wall and crashes into it, knocking herself out in the pool. Her injury requires stitches and of course, she loses the meet. But she finally comes clean with Paige and tells her what happened.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "Turn of the Shoe"

Spencer: Toby comes over to Spencer’s house but he’s acting strange and Spence can tell he’s hiding something. When she tells him about what happened to Mona and the trailer he doesn’t seem surprised but refuses to tell her anything. Later he pulls out a bunch of papers and gives them to Spencer telling her they are the transcripts from Radley with his mother and her doctor, the day before she committed suicide. As Spence reads through the papers it becomes clear that she couldn’t have committed suicide. She was planning on getting well so that she and her son can be a family again. Toby tells Spence that this is what ‘A’ has on him and the reason he hid the trailer, but he doesn’t mention choking Mona.

After Toby leaves Aria shows up and tells Spencer about kissing her instructor, Jake. Hannah shows up, bird in tow, and tells the girls that she believes the bird can give them a clue since he was with Ali when she went away. Tippy doesn’t do anything but chirp out a tune repeatedly.

Later, Spencer is with the bird and it’s driving her crazy with that chirping tune. As she tries to call Hannah to have her come get the bird before she kills it, she suddenly realizes that the tune Tippy is chirping is not a song, but a phone number dialed on a cell phone. As she gathers all the girls together they call the number but there’s no answer. The girls decide to record Tippy, but when they go get him they discover him gone. Of course. Girls, lock the damn windows!

Final scene is ‘A’ cutting off a piece of cooked bird and feeding it to Tippy.

So what do you all think? Will the girls be able to find out who that phone number belongs to? What else can Tippy reveal? Will Jake be able to help Aria get over Ezra? Will the girls finally begin to trust Mona now that they’ve seen her attack with their own eyes? And finally, do you think Ashley killed Wilden?

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