MERLIN: Katie McGrath on Playing Morgana to the End

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As we celebrate the end of a truly magical and wonderful journey, Merlin’s Katie McGrath talks about being able to finish Morgana and Merlin’s story the way the creators intended to from the beginning.

Katie’s transformation from the sweet, loving Morgana to the evil witch she became was amazing and difficult to watch. no one could have done a better job at making us love Morgana, pity her and then hate her altogether. I remember chatting with Katie a couple of times at San Diego Comic Con. She was enjoying her character so much and when Morgana began to move down her path to bitter evilness, Katie had to plead her case. “She is so misunderstood. And it was all really Merlin’s fault when you think about it.”

I have to agree with Katie. If Merlin had chosen to help her, once she discovered that she was magical, things could have gone so much differently for Morgana. Add in to the mix Uther’s betrayal fueled by her sister Morgause and you have the formula for a dangerously angry enchantress. And we loved her.

Katie shared her thoughts on playing Morgana in a recent interview with Syfy. “It’s such a privilege to tell the ending of a story,” McGrath explains. “A lot of times a series gets cancelled before it can finish, or it keeps going beyond where it should. Our producers/creators, Johnny (Capps) and Julian (Jones), always had a five-year plan, and we’re grateful to have been allowed them to tell the full story.”

McGrath continues, “It’s been such a pleasure playing Morgana from the beginning to end – it’s rare that you get to put a proper full stop on a character. Such great characters, such good stories. I know the fans will miss Merlin – I shall miss it, too”

Thanks for the adventure, Katie!

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