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Restaurant Impossible: The poor townsfolk of Bluebell are put out…the Rammer Jammer has been closed for a few weeks thanks to the fact that it is undergoing new management (Wade and Lemon). Something the town is skeptical of. Can you blame them? Wade and Lemon don’t scream compatible or business partners.
Over at the Rammer Jammer Wade and Lemon get in their first fight – over what key opens the front door. Oh going into business together seems like such a fantastic idea.
Things get worse when two days before they are supposed to reopen they find out all of their staff has quit, even Wanda who plans on staying home to raise bees.
Lemon and Wade get right to interviewing but no matter who Wade likes Lemon veto’s them and vice versa. They can’t decide on a single person and of course they get into a fight over this.
The next day Wade and Lemon apologize to each other but then Lemon admits she went behind Wade’s back and hired one of the chef’s Wade had vetoed. Turns out Wade hired someone too – the cute blonde little waitress they interviewed but Lemon didn’t like.
The next morning The Rammer Jammer is open for business. Wade checks on some of the customers who like the eggs and bacon but find the grits revolting. Wade says he will take care of it. Meanwhile more people are leaving thanks to the nasty grits. Wade announces that Lemon is going to go into the kitchen and show the new chef how it’s done before more people can leave. The chef hears this and gets so offended he storms out.
This KissLemon is now stuck in the kitchen and after a few hours she is exhausted. As he is rubbing in that she hired the chef it is revealed that his waitress hire is actually only a junior in high school. She isn’t old enough to work at a bar. The Sheriff overhears this and says he has to call it in; they will probably lose their liquor license.
The Rammer Jammer empties out leaving Wade and Lemon to commiserate about their mess when Wally shows up. He just laughs at them. Owning a business is hard, but they will get through it. Lemon and Wade jump up and head to the Liquor Control Board. They are going to fix this. At the liquor board they find one of the women they turned down for a job as a cook at The Rammer Jammer. This just keeps getting better and better.
Lemon and Wade plead their case. In exchange for their liquor license back they reluctantly agree to hire her as the cook. Turns out though she is actually a good cook and the town loves her grits.

Shakespeare in Love: George and Zoe start this episode at the general store complaining because they aren’t going to be selling the New York Times anymore. Something not surprisingly they both have in common is reading it and doing the crossword puzzle before bed. George agrees to pick up the extra cost of the paper so they can continue to get it and Zoe is so happy she hugs George. Tansy looks on with a not so amused look on her face. As George and Tansy are leaving the store Tansy wants to know what is going on with him and Zoe. He assures her nothing is going on. They are strictly friends. Then he calls Tansy, “Baby” and says, “You’re my girl.” I of course melt a little bit because George is hot and George has a nice little drawl and oh right…George is hot! Tansy seems to agree as she is smiling from ear to ear.
Dash comes upon them kissing and tells them they will be perfect for his Shakespeare Night. Seriously…is there anything this town doesn’t “celebrate”? George seems genuinely enthusiastic while Tansy looks a little less excited.
Across town Lavon is asking Zoe how to get out of doing Shakespeare Night with Annabeth. Zoe’s advice, “Suck it up and do it!” Lavon finds her advice lacking and booos her. Brick happens to be walking by and Zoe points out that it is Mental Health Week in Bluebell which means maybe Brick can give Lavon some advice; after all he is giving free counseling this week.
That night Zoe hears a knock on her door. When she answers it is George with the New York Times and pretty words and kissing. It was a dream and after jolting awake she calls Brick to make an appointment for some of that free counseling.
The next morning at her therapy session Zoe decides to speak in hypotheticals. She may have had a dream about a guy she may have had feelings for but that doesn’t mean she may still have feelings, right? Brick not being stupid says after her very painful break up it is natural for her to subconsciously pursue the road not taken.
Brick: He is the man in your dreams. Not the man of your dreams.
Zoe says she will just not let herself like George. She’s a professional for heaven sakes. Brick thinks maybe she should just try avoiding any intimate situations with George for the time being. Zoe thinks this is great advice.This Kiss
Lavon shows up at Brick’s to show his support for the free therapy. He doesn’t actually want Brick’s help though so he reads his paper. That is until he mentions how great it is that this session got him out of Shakespeare rehearsal. Brick latches onto that but Lavon says it is time to go and takes off before Brick can dig any deeper.
As Lavon is leaving George and Tansy stop by to see Zoe, Tansy looks like she has the flu, but before they see Zoe she bolts so as not to be in a close situation with George.
An hour later Zoe is still out getting coffee with Lavon, she is avoiding going back to work and he is avoiding Shakespeare rehearsal. In line behind them Dash is asking Cricket why she can’t learn her one line. As Juliette’s understudy, now that Tansy is sick, she will have to go on.
After listening to Cricket butcher the line, Zoe speaks up and recites it perfectly. Dash says he has found his Juliet. Lavon wastes no time throwing Zoe’s advice back at her, “Suck it up and do it.” Does Zoe not get who Romeo is?
At Shakespeare rehearsal Zoe sees George is Romeo and freaks out. She pretends to have a call on her cell phone and leaves.
She runs back to the office to tell Brick. He suggests she lie to get out of it. She can’t kiss George Tucker.
Zoe finds George at the bar. George says he doesn’t think their scene is a good idea, Tansy being sensitive about Zoe and George anyway. Zoe couldn’t agree more. Now they just have to find a way to tell Dash.
Over at the doctor’s office Lavon is coming clean with Brick. He is scared to be on stage. He had a bad experience in middle school as the scarecrow in The Whiz. He doesn’t want to look stupid in front of the town or Annabeth. Brick says he has community theater experience. He is going to spend the whole day coaching Lavon.
At the theater Zoe is trying to explain to Dash that she can’t be Juliet. Dash isn’t having it.
George and Zoe are trying so hard to find a way out of this Romeo and Juliet mess that they agree to fill in for Tom at the store and watch their bees for Wanda so Tom and Wanda can be Romeo and Juliet. Yeah, watch their bees. Zoe doesn’t last two minutes with the bees though before getting one in her bee keeping suit and letting the rest of them out of their habitat.
Zoe shows up at the theater to take Wanda’s place after her debacle with the bees. George meanwhile is holding down the store when Tansy shows up. She still has laryngitis but she wants to know why he isn’t doing Romeo and Juliet. He says because of Zoe being Juliet. Tansy angrily writes some more on her personal white board. Apparently Tansy thinks George not wanting to kiss Zoe means he has feelings for her. Its girl logic…you wouldn’t understand.
The Shakespeare Night is in full effect with the entire town in attendance. Lavon admits to Annabeth why he has been avoiding rehearsal. She talks him into doing the scene with her anyway. She says together they will be just fine. The scene turns out a little over dramatic but the town seems to love it.
Zoe sees George get ready to go on as Romeo and Juliet. George does his lines and Zoe just can’t do it, she jumps up from her slumber and says, “No need for kisses because I’m totally fine.”
George tries to cover but Zoe just keeps adlibbing, it is a train wreck. George gets it together and sneaks in a kiss while the town watches.
This KissAt the Shakespeare after party at The Rammer Jammer George finds Zoe at a table by herself to talk about their performance. Zoe says she is completely over George. She felt nothing from the kiss. He looks a little sad at hearing that. They don’t get to dwell on it though because Tansy runs up. On her white board it says Tom and Wanda’s bees made a hive in her trailer. She is homeless. George offers to have Tansy live with him while everything gets sorted out and upon hearing that Zoe can’t get out of there fast enough.

One last note – the majority of the episode Brick has been avoiding Shelby. At the end of the episode he sits down with her at their house and says he has something to tell her. It seems to be health related to his headaches from last week.

What did you think? Did you like the kiss or was it ruined by Zoe’s insistent adlibbing to get out of it? I can’t wait to see how the writers put George and Zoe together next.

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesday 8/7c on CW

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