FALLING SKIES at WonderCon 2013

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On Saturday morning, a few cast members of the TNT alien invasion series Falling Skies – Drew Roy, Sarah Carter and Seychelle Gabriel – as well as the show’s executive producer Remi Aubuchon took the stage at WonderCon 2013 to talk to a pack audience of fans, clamoring for information about the upcoming third season of the popular series.

The panel opened with an extended teaser of clips from the previous seasons as well as quick clips of what fans can expect when the show returns to TNT for its two-hour premiere on Sunday, June 9.

What that clip revealed, according to EP Remi Aubuchon, is that the show returns 7 months after the events of last season’s finale with the 2nd Mass being tasked to rescue harnessed kids all over the country. The clip also introduced a scary new foe called a Mega-Mech that will easily put the regular Mech robots to shame.

Throughout the panel two more special sneak peeks of season three were also screened, including a look at how Hal (Drew Roy) is coping with the aftermath of the miniature robot implant that took over his body at the end of last season as well as a dream sequence between Hal and his former girlfriend Karen (Jessy Schram) that gives a small reveal into Karen’s new psyche now that she has transitioned from being harnessed to the alien invaders.

The cast also got a chance to talk about the development of their characters in the new season, including the following:

• Hal and Maggie (Sarah’s character) are an official, out-in-the-open couple, who both actors have joked act like “an old married couple” this season;
• Lourdes (Seychelle’s characters) has gone through a rough year, but has now become a full-fledged doctor to the survivors where she is helping to take care of the harnessed kids that are being rescued as well as Tom (Noah Wyle) and Ann’s (Moon Bloodgood) newborn baby;
• Drew let it slip during the panel that Hal and his brothers now have a little sister and that new dynamic for the brothers will play out in a very interesting way; and,
• Drew also shared that youngest brother Matt (Maxim Knight) will be growing through some growing pains as well as he is entering his teens and becoming a little rebellious.

Remi then teased that Tom is now the President of Charleston; and while he and Ann are not – from what could be contrived from Remi’s veiled tease – married, they are a new kind of family for this new post-apocalyptic tale. He also confirmed the news that was released earlier that actor Doug Jones will be portraying the new alien that was introduced in the second season finale, but he would not confirm whether the new aliens are friend or foe to the surviving humans, sharing that “not everything is as it seems”.

To further whet the appetite of the fans, Remi also shared the following:

• A future episode of the show will provide the history of the aliens;
• John Pope (Colin Cunningham) will not disappoint the fans and finds himself settling in in Charleston (he owns his own bar now), probably more than he is comfortable with; and,
• Karen will be returning this season in some fashion and the viewers will get to see just how far gone she has become, causing problems between Hal and Maggie.

Before we knew it, though, the panel had to come to an end with a reminder to watch the two-hour season premiere of Falling Skies on TNT on Sunday, June 9 at 9/8c. Don’t miss it!

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