LOST GIRL RECAP: Season 3, Episode 10 “Delinquents”

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Now that Bo (Anna Silk) has come through the Dawning in one piece without transforming into an under Fae beast, she is happy, she feels different and she feels good! But, it would seem that there is an intruder in their apartment at least according to Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) there is. That intruder turns out to simply be Lauren (Zoie Palmer), who was hoping to surprise Bo with breakfast in bed.

Meanwhile, two kids are making out in the woods when a dark shadow looms over them and the boy disappears. The girl storms off angry and seconds later the boy is shown trussed up with a weird wood creature hovering over him.

Back at the Dal, Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) is meeting with Kenzi and Bo on his latest case, which turns out to be the death of the boy from the woods as well as several other deaths at a camp for juvenile delinquents. Bo is, of all things, excited about getting a chance to be a camp counselor again [even if its undercover], as it seems she was voted favorite camp counselor at Camp Chippewa for 3 years in a row back in the day; but she wonders why Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) isn’t working on the case. Dyson says she has a few days off to deal with a dust-up at a Fae bar (that would be the fight the two of them got into before heading off to Brazenwood) [that’s a lie, but more on that shortly]. Kenzi is also going in undercover as a fellow delinquent since she has a long history of being a “juvie”.

Elsewhere, Tamsin meets up with an old friend from her past – Acacia (played by special guest star Linda Hamilton of Terminator and Beauty and the Beast fame), who is there to deliver a message to Tamsin. She hands Tamsin the Wanderer card (which was a point of trouble when Tamsin and Bo were trying to get into Brazenwood). It seems someone, who Acacia only refers to as “he”, wants Tamsin to bring Bo to him; but Tamsin doesn’t seem to be on board with this plan. She tells Acacia that Bo has gone through the Dawning and is too strong for Tamsin to take her in. It would seem that “he” (who Acacia later identifies as a Druid) has thought about that, providing a special bottle that Tamsin can use to “catch” Bo. Acacia tells Tamsin that all she has to do is put “one hair from someone she loves, two from someone she trusts and three from her own head” into the glass bottle and the mysterious man will do the rest.

Eventually, Tamsin breaks into Dyson’s apartment to get one of his hairs for the bottle, but after finding a picture of Bo in his nightstand drawer, Tamsin dumps the bottle in his trash. But when Acacia learns what Tamsin has done, she warns Tamsin that there is “nowhere on this Earth that his freaky little minions” won’t find her if she fails. Acacia continues that if Tamsin doesn’t deliver the succubus, she will. Not that much later, though, Tamsin is back at the precinct where she discovers a cardboard box sitting on the top of her desk. Inside the box, she discovers the severed hand of Acacia and the trashed bottle, which is her warning that she needs to follow through with delivering Bo to this guy.

Back at the juvenile delinquent camp, Bo is not having much success bonding with the kids there, but Kenzi seems to be making strides with them. Just outside the camp, Dyson is checking out the location of where the most recent victim was killed with Jolene, the head counselor at the camp (who reveals to Dyson that she is “attached the ground” – which will be a revealing statement later on). In an effort to keep the remaining kids at the camp safe, Dyson locks them inside their bunk room, but that doesn’t last for long because Kenzi gets them out using a lifted credit card. It was her thought they could show “that murdering freak why you don’t mess with delinquents”; but that doesn’t work out at all, as you can imagine.

Bo and Lauren are then seen talking via video chat about the latest victim – Matt Michaels (guest star Craig Arnold) – whose body was filled with twigs, leaves and bark from a particular tree that doesn’t even grow in the area. Before they can finish their conversation, though, the wood creature sneaks up behind Bo, attacking her while Lauren can only helplessly watch from her apartment. Lauren acts quickly, calling Dyson, who rushes to Bo’s room at the camp, leaping through the glass door while Bo fights off the creature. A short time later, they discover the body of Della (guest star Brittany Allen) – the girl who was making out with the victim Matt in the beginning of the episode. Sadly, she is trussed up to one of the desks inside one of the old class rooms, having recently been killed by the wood creature.

This is when Tamsin’s story and Bo’s case start to cross over, as Tamsin shows up at Lauren’s apartment to retrieve the two hairs needed for the Druid’s bottle; and she overhears Lauren trying to figure out what the wood creature could be, which Tamsin identifies as a Tikbalang, a forest creature from the Philippines. And, in order to get the hairs she needs for the Druid’s bottle, she distracts Lauren with the reveal that she kissed Bo, which sets Lauren off, punching Tamsin square in the face and demanding that she leave her apartment.

Now that the old school that had been used for the delinquent camp isn’t really safe, the kids are transported to Kenzi and Bo’s apartment where they devise a plan to take down the wood creature, using the kids’ skill with making pipe bombs (they are delinquents, after all). Bo and Dyson then set up the bombs inside the school to trap the wood creature, as only smoke can force the creature out of hiding and cutting its “main”, which is the source of its power. As it turns out, Jolene – the head camp counselor is the Tikbalang and once Bo catches her and cuts her hair she is rendered powerless.

Just when they think they have caught the killer, Trick (Rick Howland) shows them the wood weapons that were found at the crime scenes; and that is when Kenzi recognizes writing that she saw on the arm of one of the delinquents – Nelson (guest star Justin Kelly). The language is actually a Pre-Spanish Philippine writing system and that makes Trick realize that the Tikbalang (aka Jolene) has a mate, who turns out to be Nelson, who is aiming for Lauren because she was talking “smack” about Jolene after Bo and Dyson captured her.

Thankfully, Bo is able to get to Lauren in the nick of time with Dyson following right behind just seconds later. Seeing what Nelson has done to Lauren, Dyson is just barely able to stop Bo from killing Nelson for hurting Lauren and arresting Nelson for the murders of the juvenile delinquents at the camp.

In the end, though, because of the ordeal she went through (as well as past events with Bo and with the Fae in general), Lauren tells Bo that they need to take a break, but Bo doesn’t seem ready to give up; however she will give Lauren all the time and space she needs. That leads to Dyson and Lauren having a conversation over drinks at the Dal about Bo and their relationships with her; and how despite Bo being stubborn, bitchy, impetuous, brave and noble-hearted, she was “the best sex I’ll ever have” – to which they both ardently agreed. Lastly, it was once again back to Tamsin paying a visit to Bo, to retrieve the final hairs for that damn Druid bottle. She gets what she wants (although loosely veiled by a fake congratulatory hug), but it sure seems that Bo has suspicions about what Tamsin just did that will, more than likely, have deep ramifications in the not too distant future.

Delinquents” was written by Michelle Lovretta and was directed by Gail Harvey. This was yet another episode where K.C. Collins did not appear as Hale.

Make sure to tune into Syfy on Monday, April1 at 10 PM for the next episode of Lost Girl called “Adventures in Fae-bysitting”.


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