HART OF DIXIE Recap: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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Run from Wade: Zoe is handling her break up from Wade like any girl would. She stays in bed, eats excessive candy, drinks excessive alcohol and holds Wade’s shirt. It takes her a week to get out of bed.
The whole town is Team Zoe in this breakup which is nice for a change. They give Wade the cold shoulder and scold him but Zoe gets pies and sympathy. George doesn’t have a pie but he does offer to punch Wade or have Tansy punch Wade – either one.
Zoe thinks about going back to work to take her mind off of things. Unfortunately there are more than two dozen pies there as well asWe Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Jonah Breeland who says, “Heard you were dumped” as a hello. He suggests mind blowing sex with a really hot doctor to get over the break up blues. Zoe didn’t lose her wit in the break up though and she quickly responds it’s too bad she doesn’t know a hot doctor.
Later that day Zoe is reading by the lake when Tansy stops by. Tansy doesn’t have a pity pie but she does have perspective, she’s a Wade Breakup Survivor too. Tansy and Zoe head to a bar that Wade doesn’t work at to start doing shots. Wouldn’t you know Wade’s ex-band mate, ex-girlfriend, Lilly Ann is singing at the bar and she is singing, “Run from Wade.” Great song. Zoe is going to need more drinks.
Lilly Ann comes over to talk shit with Zoe about Wade until Zoe thinks she feels better. Tansy says this isn’t good, you can’t let hate into your heart. Zoe can be like Lilly Ann who is still angry four years later or Zoe can be like Tansy, grieve, move on and be happy.
The next morning with her new “I won’t hate Wade” attitude Zoe goes into work. Tonya, a girl in Rose’s class, is there for a strep throat shot. She says she has been spending time with a guy after school in hopes that he will break up with his girlfriend. After talking to Rose Zoe thinks that guy is Max (Rose’s boyfriend). When he comes in for a strep shot the next day Zoe is livid.
Zoe freaks out…Max is cheating on Rose. She stomps out. She stomps right over to Wade’s house and announces that what he did was the worst thing that has been done to her. She wants to be a better person but she can’t, she hates him and she always will. She feels a little better and stomps off again.
The next morning Zoe wakes up and listens to “Run from Wade” by Lilly Ann. She then burns his work boots that were at her house. She’s back to being angry.
Zoe goes by Rose’s school. Rose says she looks good and Zoe says thanks, Hate, Petty and Vindictive. They have all been partying with her and they are having a good old time.
Zoe asks about Max and says they should check in on Max at the pond where he is working on his science project. Rose thinks it’s weird that Zoe is so interested in Max’s science project. Then Rose and Zoe come across Tonya (strep girl) at the pond. Suddenly Rose is interested in what is going on too.
Max gets there and Rose confronts him about Tonya. Zoe gets a little too into it yelling things as well. This woman is a doctor and these are high school kids but that doesn’t seem to be the point. As it turns out Max wasn’t there with Tonya, in fact Tonya hates him. He was really there doing his project just like he said. Rose feels bad for accusing him. Zoe says it was her fault and Rose agrees. Hating Wade may be working for Zoe but it isn’t working for the rest of them.
We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherThat night at the bar Lilly Ann sings at Lemon is getting a drink to try to forget about her day when she sees Zoe who is also trying to drink away her day. They compare notes about letting their hate ruin others’ lives. They have some common ground which is almost like some sort of alternate universe.
When Lilly Ann starts singing more hateful Wade songs Lemon and Zoe think they better go and they dash out.
At home Zoe takes what is left of Wade’s belongings and packs them into a box. She brings it over to his house and even knocks on the door to give it to him. She says this doesn’t mean she forgives him but she will figure out a way to move on over time and she wants him to know she doesn’t hate him, not really.

Money! Money! Money! : Even though Lavon and Wade aren’t exactly the best of friends at the moment – Lavon is Team Zoe too – they previously agreed to help at the church fundraiser (Casino Night) and the pastor is putting the two of them in charge. He won’t take no for an answer.
At the church fundraiser Wade is getting more crap from people for cheating on Zoe. Wade can’t handle it anymore and gets up to takes a break from accepting the donations, leaving the donation box on the table. As soon as he gets up someone walks by and takes the box with all the money.
Wade comes back from break to find the money gone and when he tells Lavon he can’t find the lock box with the donations Lavon doesn’t take it well.
Lavon: “When are you going to stop trying to prove that all you can do is disappoint people? We believe you. You can stop now.”
Not too long after that the pastor finds the lock box and returns it to Lavon, who now feels bad for yelling at Wade.
Lavon stops by Wades later to apologize for accusing Wade of stealing the lock box.
Wade: “I get it alright? I get that I lost the only girl that ever meant anything to me and I’ll never get her back and I have to live with that. And as a bonus to the most glorious screw up of my already gloriously screwed up life I get that on top of losing the best girl I’ve ever had now I’ve lost the best friend I’ve ever had.”
It’s just sad enough and sincere enough that for a brief moment I feel bad for Wade.
Lavon says he didn’t lose him; he just hurt someone he cares about. They will get through this eventually.

When Life Gives You Lemons: When Lemon finds out Brick is going to ask Shelby to move in with him she goes into full on bitch mode. There is just no other word for it. Lemon is a grown ass woman and her Dad is clearly a grown man so why Lemon feels it is her business to dictate who or what Brick can or can’t do is beyond me. I wish the writers would stop making me want to hate her so.
Lemon finds out Shelby is selling her condo so she guilt’s George into going with her to snoop through her stuff. She pulls the “you left We Are Never Ever Getting Back Togetherme at the alter” card and George folds.
Brick buys Magnolia a car to get her on Team Shelby and it works. I have a very strong feeling being unsupportive of my parents would not have gotten me a car.
While at Shelby’s condo Lemon finds bank records and gets George to look through them. George finds something, Shelby is in massive debt and behind on her mortgage. Lemon calls Shelby a gold digger and does a happy dance.
Back at her Dad’s Lemon can’t wait to spill her new found info so she calls Shelby out on her money issues right there in front of Brick and Magnolia. Shelby looks appalled and leaves the room in tears. Lemon says she is sorry she had to do that but Brick is welcome. Brick is equally appalled and ashamed of Lemon. He knew all about Shelby’s financial troubles. They are open and honest about everything. Brick storms out after Shelby.
After having a drink with Zoe Lemon stops by George’s house boat to apologize about forcing him to snoop with her. She also absolves him for leaving her at the altar. She isn’t going to live angry anymore.

And just so we can heal from Wade and Zoe’s breakup there will be no new Hart of Dixie until April 9th.

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