March TV Calendar

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The following list provides the dates of the new and returning cable dramas as well as mini-series and made-for-TV movies that will air during March:

March 2 – A back-to-back marathon of all six episodes of the first season of Bomb Girls will air on Reelz Channel starting at 11 AM

March 3 – The 10-hour five-part mini-series The Bible will air on the History Channel at 8 PM

Mini-Series Synopsis: The mini-series will feature live-action and CGI scenes narrated by Emmy winner Keith David and featuring a musical score by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer. Among the cast is Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel), playing Mother Mary. Among the stories to be told are Noah’s Ark, the Exodus, Daniel in the Lion’s Den and the crucifixion/resurrection of Jesus.

March 3 – The History Channel mini-series Vikings will debut at 10 PM

Mini-Series Synopsis: The mini-series will follow historical figure Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel from Tarzan and The Beast) as he rises up the ranks to become King of the Viking tribes. The cast includes Gabriel Byrne, Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee), Gustaf Skarsgard (brother of Alexander Skarsgard) and Katheryn Winnick (Bones).

March 3 – The new ABC drama Red Widow will have a two-hour series premiere at 9 PM

Show Synopsis: The series focuses on one woman’s journey into the world of organized crime after the death of her husband and how far she will go to keep her family safe. The cast includes Radha Mitchell, Goran Visnjic, Jaime Ray Newman, Clifton Collins, Jr., Lee Tergesen, Rade Serbedzija, Suleka Mathew and Sterling Beaumon (among others).

March 5 – A special preview of the new CBS drama Golden Boy will air at 10 PM

March 8 – Golden Boy will move to its regular time period on CBS at 9 PM

March 8 – Grimm will be back with new episodes of its current season on NBC at 9 PM

March 8 – Cult will be moved to 9 PM on The CW starting tonight

March 9 – The Hallmark Movie Channel movie Our Wild Hearts will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The film is a coming of age story about a sophisticated young girl Willow Johnson who leaves Malibu for the beautiful High Country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in order to find her father Jack Thomas and potentially create a loving relationship with him. After she meets up with Jack, the young girl will discover her first love is a wild, but gifted mustang she names Bravo. The steed’s indomitable spirit helps Willow find a love for spontaneity and adventure with the father she thought she would never know. The film is a family affair for actor-director Ricky Schroder, his wife Andrea and their children Cambrie, Holden, Luke and Faith.

March 9 – The Lifetime original movie Restless Virgins will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: The film follows Emily (Vanessa Marano from Switched at Birth), a scholarship student and the editor of the school newspaper who struggles with the daily stresses of high school and adolescence: fitting in, getting into the right college and trying to find love. But when Emily discovers five senior members of the lacrosse team made a sex tape with a classmate, she blows the lid off the controversy by releasing the tape virally. The scandal made national headlines that shocked America, leading the elite school to expel multiple students, including a U.S. Senator’s son. The cast includes Max Lloyd-Jones (Supernatural), Charlie Carver (Desperate Housewives) and Timothy Busfield (The West Wing).

March 10 – The new show Red Widow will move to its regular time slot of 10 PM on ABC

March 10 – Army Wives and The Client List will both have its season premiere on Lifetime at 9 and 10 PM respectively

March 11 – The spring finale of Switched at Birth will air on ABC Family at 8 PM

March 11 and 12 – The Reelz Channel mini-series Ring of Fire will debut at 8 PM on both nights

Mini-Series Synopsis: The film is about what happens when an oil rig causes an eruption in a small town, which is just the first in a series that could affect the dangerous Ring of Fire that contains most of the world’s volcanoes. If these cataclysmic eruptions cannot be stopped, the Earth could be headed for an extinction level event. The film stars Michael Vartan (Alias), Lauren Lee Smith (CSI and Mutant X), Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Agam Darshi (Sanctuary).

NOTE: The mini-series will be reaired at 10 PM on both nights.

March 14 – The Vampire Diaries and Beauty And the Beast will be back with new episodes on The CW at 8 and 9 PM respectively

March 14 – New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy will be back with new episodes on ABC at 9 PM

March 15 – The Hallmark Channel movie Return to Nim’s Island will debut (check your local listings for airtimes)

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin stars in this sequel about a now 14-year old Nim who is more determined than ever to protect her island and its wildlife. The film also stars Matthew Lillard.

March 16 – Tom, Dick & Harriet is the new Hallmark Channel movie that will debut at 9 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Steven Weber (Wings) stars as a straight-laced advertising copywriter who enlists the help of a con-man to help him save his job.

March 18 – Castle will be back with new episodes starting at 10 PM on ABC

March 18 – The new A&E series Bates Motel will debut at 10 PM

Show Synopsis: This prequel series to the classic box office movie Psycho will explore the formative years of Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore from Finding Neverland) and his relationship with his mother Norma (Vera Farmiga). The cast includes Max Thieriot, Nicola Peltz, Olivia Cooke, Mike Vogel, Nestor Carbonell, Keegan Connor Tracy and Richard Harmon.

March 18 – The Sundance Channel 7-part mini-series Top of the Lake will debut its first two-hours at 9 PM

Mini-Series Synopsis: This mystery revolves around the disappearance of Tui, a pregnant 12-year-old. Investigative detective Robin Griffin (Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men) must lose herself in order to find the missing girl. During the investigation, she collides with Matt Mitcham (Peter Mullan from War Horse), Tui’s father, a local drug lord, and G.J (Holly Hunter), a guru at a local women’s camp. As the case unfolds, in a paradise where honest work is hard to find, Robin will find that her limits are tested, sending her on a journey of self-discovery. The cast includes David Wenham (Lord of the Rings), Jay Ryan (Beauty And the Beast) and Lucy Lawless (Spartacus: Vengeance).

March 18 – An all-day marathon of episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager will air on ABC Family will air from 11 AM to 8 PM, leading up to the season premiere of the final season of the series at 8 PM

March 20 – Arrow and Supernatural will be back with new episodes on The CW at 8 and 9 PM respectively

March 21 – Scandal will be back with new episodes on ABC at 10 PM

March 23 – The movie Shadow on the Mesa will debut on the Hallmark Movie Channel at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: Bounty hunter Wes Rawlins (Wes Brown from Deception) is a man of few words and the American West’s quickest draw. A silent but calculatingly honest man, Wes is devastated when his mother is brutally murdered by a couple of outlaws who are still on the run. Determined to solve the crime and bring justice to his family, Wes leaves his adopted grandparents (Meredith Baxter and Barry Corbin) and sets off to find the father he never knew, a rancher named Ray Eastman (Kevin Sorbo from Andromeda and Hercules). Ray is in the midst of an increasingly bloody feud with a corrupt neighbor, Pete Dowdy (Greg Evigan), who greedily wants to take all of Ray’s land. As Wes gets to know his father and two half-siblings, Ray’s deceitful wife, Mona (Gail O’Grady from NYPD Blue) holds a secret that fuels the war to a colossal final showdown. When Wes jumps in to defend his new family, he learns the truth behind his mother’s murder and soon his life will never be the same.

March 23 – The Lifetime original movie Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story will debut at 8 PM

MOVIE SYNOPSIS: In the quiet town of Delmar, New York 21-year-old Chris Porco (Matt Barr from The Hatfield & McCoys) was accused of brutally murdering his father Peter and disfiguring his mother Joan (Lolita Davidovich) in a savage axe attack, a claim made all the more shocking when the case’s lead detective Joe Sullivan (Eric McCormack from Will & Grace and Perception) believed Joan had identified Chris as her attacker. Weeks after the crime, however, Joan would refute Detective Sullivan’s story, while the town of Delmar and many of Chris’ former friends and girlfriends would also rally to his defense, despite Sullivan’s fierce mission to prove his guilt. Prosecutors believed that beneath Chris’ picture-perfect facade was a devious and cunning sociopath who would stop at nothing to keep his lies hidden. In the end, he was convicted of second-degree murder of his father, but many in the town of Delmar firmly believe the jury wrongfully convicted an innocent young man.

March 25 – Revolution will be back with the remainder of its debut season on NBC at 10 PM

March 25 and March 26 – The new mini-series Barabbas will air on Reelz Channel at 9 PM on both nights

Mini-Series Synopsis: Billy Zane stars in the lead role of this special Easter TV event inspired by the novel by Par Lagerkvist that is rooted in the Bible about the man whose life was spared because of the death of Jesus Christ.

NOTE: The first part of the mini-series will reair at 11:30 PM on March 25 while the second part will reair at 11 PM on March 26.

March 27 – The season premiere of season two of the Canadian series Bomb Girls will air on the Reelz Channel at 8 PM followed by episode two of the new season at 9 PM

NOTE: The first two episodes will reair on March 27 at 10 and 11 PM.

March 27 – A back-to-back marathon of all six episodes of the first season of Bomb Girls will air on Reelz Channel starting at 12 midnight

March 29 – The second season of the Canadian series XIII will begin at 10 PM

NOTE: This premiere will reair at 12 midnight.

March 30 – Doctor Who will be back with more new episodes on BBC America at 8 PM

March 30 – The new BBC America drama Orphan Black will debut at 9 PM

Show Synopsis: This sci-fi series explores what happens when a woman named Sarah (Tatiana Maslany from World Without End) finds out she’s a clone. Sarah is an outsider, orphan and street-wise chameleon who, after witnessing a woman’s suicide, assumes the stranger’s identity. Oddly enough, the woman looks just like her. Sarah is keen to solve her problems by taking on her lookalike’s identity and savings, but instead she is thrust into a dizzying mystery. Sarah learns early on that she and the woman are in fact clones — and that there are more people out there like her. It also doesn’t help that an assassin is pegging off clones one by one.

March 31 – Season 2 of Call the Midwife will air on PBS Masterpiece Classic will air at 8 PM

Mini-Series Synopsis: Based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth will find the continuing story of the midwives and nuns of Nonnatus House into 1950s East End London.

NOTE: This mini-series will run every week until May 19.

March 31 – The PBS Masterpiece Classic mini-series Mr. Selfridge will begin at 9 PM

Mini-Series Synopsis: Jeremy Piven (Entourage) will star in the real-life story of Harry Gordon Selfridge, the flamboyant and visionary American founder of the famous London department store that revolutionized the modern shopping experience.

NOTE: This mini-series will run every week until May 19.

March 31 – Game of Thrones will begin its all new season on HBO at 10 PM

March 31 – The four-hour mini-series Ben Hur will debut on Ovation at 8 PM

Mini-Series Synopsis: Based on the novel “Ben-Hur: A tale of Christ” by Lew Wallace follows Judah Ben Hur (Joseph Morgan from The Vampire Diaries), a wealthy Jewish prince who is betrayed by his childhood friend, Messala. Eventually enslaved, Ben Hur becomes a hero when he saves the life of a Roman leader and soon receives new wealth and power. His quest, though, is to deliver vengeance upon Messala for the destruction of the Ben Hur family. During his journey for redemption, Ben Hur challenges his foe to a chariot race to the death. The mini-series will air during an Easter weekend programming event. The cast includes Emily VanCamp (Revenge), Stephen Campbell Moore (Titanic mini-series), Kristin Kreuk (Beauty And the Beast), Simon Andreu (The Cold Light of Day), Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), James Faulkner (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Alex Kingston (Doctor Who), Ray Winstone (Great Expectations) and Ben Cross (William & Kate).

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