ELEMENTARY Recap: Possibility Two

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This is our first episode where Watson is Sherlock’s assistant…let’s see how she does, shall we?

Holmes and Watson are summoned to meet with a Mr. Lydon, owner of Lydon Industries a substantial company. Mr. Lydon hires Holmes and Watson to help him find out who gave him the brain disorder he has; the brain disorder that causes dementia among other things before ending in death. The problem is the disorder is hereditary and since there is no history of it in his family he is sure someone gave it to him in an attempt to kill him.
Holmes says he can’t take the case, when he believes that naturally occurring dementia is the most likely explanation.

Back at home later that night Mr. Lydon’s driver Crabtree stops by to bring Holmes a gift – a very rare bee. Holmes reluctantly turns the gift down and sends Crabtree away.
Someday I want a driver named Crabtree to run around the city doing my bidding.

Unfortunately it looks like Holmes is going to be involved with Mr. Lydon’s case whether he likes it or not since Gregson calls Holmes to say Lydon shot his driver Crabtree, killing him. Lydon doesn’t remember anything but his nurse says she witnessed the whole thing.
Lydon asks for Sherlock and Sherlock only. He wants Sherlock’s help. Holmes finally accepts – after taking the rare bee from earlier.

Elementary-Episode-17-Possibility-Two-10He and Watson stop in to the genetics lab that diagnosed Lydon with the brain disorder, CAA. They give Holmes the name of seven geneticists who could possibly have been good enough to duplicate CAA.
Before they can get much further, Sherlock gets a text from Natasha with the genetics lab they visited earlier. She sends them a picture of a molecule, gives the door code to the lab and asks to meet with them. When Watson and Holmes get to the lab they find Natasha has been murdered.

Holmes fall asleep working on deciphering the molecule picture Natasha sent them before she died. Luckily for him Watson stayed up most of the night working on it and she – along with the help of her old genetics professor – worked out what the elements of the molecule were. It turns out the molecule was manmade to induce CAA. Now they just have to figure out who paid someone to make it and give it to Lydon.

The DNA found at Natasha’s murder belongs to a convict she studied once for a project. He has an alibi but his blood is the only blood at the scene besides hers so that stumps Sherlock for a bit.
After some discussion with scientists Sherlock believes you can manufacture a blood sample that would fool a DNA test. Since someone gave Lydon a hereditary brain disorder this doesn’t seem all that farfetched.

At the precinct Holmes has Gregson and Bell bring Natasha’s fiancé in for questioning. He is a geneticists and he works for a lab that would be capable of pulling all of this off.
Her fiancé admits killing her because he thought she was cheating on him, with someone named Lincoln Dunwoody. I will never get how cheating is equal to killing but that must just be me.
He doesn’t know anything about Lydon though so they are back to square one there.

Holmes looks into Lincoln Dunwoody and comes up with nothing. There is no one in New York with that name. Turns out there are two families though with the surname of Lincoln and Dunwoody. Both families had their patriarch diagnosed with CAA in the last year. A disorder neither family had.

Later that night Watson and Holmes go over the case. They come up with a suspect, Natasha’s boss. They get him to the precinct to question him. As it turns out he has CAA and it is in fact in his family history. This was all a plan to get donations from big money families so he could afford to do research and cure CAA in himself.
He is arrested and charged with the poisoning. Case closed.

Elementary airs Thursday 10/9c on CBS

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