COMMUNITY: Paranormal Parentage

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Welcome to Halloween on Valentine’s Day everyone! Well, at least at Greendale. The gang has some interesting costumes this year: Shirley is Princess Leia to Andre’s Han Solo with the twins as Storm Troopers and the baby as an Ewok, while Troy and Britta are Hobbes and Ham to Abed’s Calvin, Jeff is a boxer and Annie is the girl from [easyazon-link asin=”B00005JLTK”]The Ring[/easyazon-link]. There’s no Pierce, who locked himself in his panic room, but who still needs help to get out. In related costume news, the Dean is dressed as Jeff’s ring girl, and that speaks volumes about what he thinks should happen.

Vicky’s hosting a party, which is where the gang was headed before they were side-tracked by Pierce’s cry for help. Piece seems fine in his panic room, but then he mentions that he thinks he’s seen his dead father. Perfect timed for Halloween or truth? With Pierce, who knows.

As Jeff and Britta go to look for the code to Pierce’s panic room, they both wonder about why Pierce is still living in a place that he once shared with his parents. That adds a whole new level of creepy to Pierce’s life. But man, that photo of Pierce from the 70s or 80s is the Chevy Chase I loved as a kid. Jeff has to have his own issues on Pierce’s Daddy Issues by saying what’s wrong with Pierce’s issues.

Abed and Annie are in the study and in an attempt to not go over the same thing twice, Abed enters some secret passageway with a troll as a door opener and then Annie’s left to wonder around the study looking for Abed. Cornelius’ ghost appears.

Pierce has a BDSM room, one that Troy was never allowed to visit, which Troy and Shirley find as they look for the library. That leads to one very awkward conversation about Troy and sex, and one thing I’d like to forget just like Shirley wants to do with Pierce’s sex room.

Abed stumbles upon Jeff and Britta’s discussion about Jeff’s Daddy issues and then remarks that he remembers when the show was about a community college. I remember those days too. But we’re sort of still there. Jeff ends up in some very nice parlor and he finds the code to the panic room. Jeff was getting scared by a pounding on the door which was not Britta, but something more creepy.

What is in Pierce’s wall? Why is there some person who is trying to escape? In the time for all that searching for the code, Pierce looks dead. Can we get some good Clue references now?

Turns out that he’s not dead, but he pulled it off so that the group would appreciate him now. There’s a creepy guy who watches Pierce sleep and so Pierce locks everyone into the panic room. Gilbert is in possession of the dead to the house, actually. He was leaving there in secret, which is only sort of odd. Gilbert wanted to take care of Pierce as he did Cornelius, as there’s nothing Gilbert can figure out he wants to do. Gilbert and Pierce are going to hang out and he won’t go to Vicky’s party after all.

Britta and Troy are skipping the party to go watch Inspector Spacetime, Jeff’s going home to call his dad.

This button about the bookcase is actually pretty great to end an episode on. If only because it’s just as silly as everything in Pierce’s madcapped idea to punish the rest of the study group.

There’s a tension bubbling more than usual within the group with Pierce. That spells something wondering later, I can already tell.

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