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Wow! Where do I start? As usual this week’s episode packs a punch from Silas, to Katherine to Jeremy and we are left with a lot of questions. Let’s get right to it!

We begin with Damon tied to a tree by the hunter Vaughn (guest star and our Nice Boy of The Week Charlie Bewley), who wanted to know why his hunter’s mark completed so suddenly. Damon acted like he knew nothing about the mark; to prove he meant business, Vaughn stabbed him in the neck with what looked like a fire poker.

Elena called Caroline to tell her about Bonnie and Jeremy being kidnapped by Shane and they think Damon was captured because it looked like there was a struggle. She asked Caroline to get Klaus’ sword so they would be able to translate Jeremy’s tattoos from the pictures Bonnie took and send them a map. Tyler found the sword in Klaus’ attic and the handle was a cryptex. It was like a puzzle they had to twist certain parts and be able to read Aramaic. That stumped them. Klaus chimed in and spoke in the language, so they knew they needed his help.

On the island, Stefan told Elena that he’s always wanted to be human again, even before he met her. Then he called Elena a friend and she touched his leg. Rebekah, who was trying to get a signal for the phone saw them talking and was not too happy about it.  

Vaughn had Damon with a rope around his neck headed toward the well. Vaughn planned to use Damon to get Bonnie to open Silas’ crypt for him so he could give him the cure and kill him. That would complete the mission of the Five. Little does he know that Bonnie could care less about Damon, and they could care less about Silas. They just wanted the cure (which means Bonnie would open the crypt anyway). Vaughn told Damon that there was only one dose of the cure (that makes things interesting). Damon wanted to know why he saved Elena and Jeremy and Vaughn told him he didn’t. So if he didn’t throw the hatchet to save Jeremy, who did? They stumbled upon a dead islander that appeared to be bitten on the neck by a vampire. Someone else is definitely on the island (and maybe her name starts with a K)!

Klaus helped Caroline and Tyler read the cryptex and when he figured out there was only one dose of the cure he yelled it to Rebekah when they called her to email the map (am I the only one who thought they probably would not have a signal to get emails on this island?). Caroline hung up quickly but Rebekah heard the news. When she caught up with Stefan and Elena, she sent Elena ahead so she could tell Stefan about the cure. She told him if she gave the cure to him so he could feel better, he would just give it to Elena. He didn’t disagree so she snapped his neck. She knew she was on her own if she wanted the cure for herself.

The shady professor, Jeremy, and Bonnie got to the mysterious well. Shane gave the islander that helped him the tombstone as payment (what? I thought that was kind of stupid to bring it all that way just for that). Going into the well Bonnie fell and cut her hand. The blood from her hand dripped down to the crypt and fell on Silas’ mouth. Jeremy helped her and she assured him she wouldn’t let Shane raise Silas. She said if he tried to hurt her or Jeremy she would kill Shane herself.  

Shane figured out that the magic passageway that led to Silas’ crypt was right below them. Bonnie was the only one who could open it, so she took some deep breaths and held Jeremy’s hand. She put her other hand on his bare chest (this was my kind of ritual, just saying Jeremy was looking hot!) and used the power of his mark. Jeremy started to shake and the well started crumbling like they were in an earthquake. When the shaking stopped Jeremy and Bonnie were fine but the shady professor broke his leg. They successfully opened the passageway and decided to leave Shane where he was and entered the passageway without him. In the passageway, Bonnie saw Grams and she told her that she had to reach Silas and “feed him” to bring her back to life.  Jeremy talked to her and told her that Silas was trying to control her through a hallucination. He reminded her that if it was really Grams’ ghost he would be able to see her too. Jeremy held her hand and told her to focus on his voice and she snapped out of it.

Elena went back to sit with Stefan. He told her that there was only one dose of the cure. She said she couldn’t take it above everyone else who deserves it as much as she does (and probably more). She said maybe it was for the best because if she was human again she would not be the same girl. Then they realized with only one cure, Klaus would get his revenge. Bonnie’s spell would not hold him too much longer; they needed the cure to give to Klaus.

Down the Rabbit HoleDamon and Vaughn made it in the passageway. Since Bonnie opened the well, Vaughn had no use for Damon and they were ready to attack each other.  Before they could get going, Rebekah entered. Vaughn put a stake filled grenade in her chest and it knocked her out. Then he threw a vervain soaked string around Damon’s neck. Stefan and Elena showed up and Vaughn left through the passage. Stefan told Elena to go on and he stayed to help Damon. Ah, brotherly love.

At Elena’s house, Tyler was ready to get out of town, knowing Klaus would want to kill him first when Bonnie’s spell broke. Caroline talked to Klaus and asked him to let Tyler live somewhere away from Mystic Falls. After some thought and convincing from Caroline, he told her Tyler better get a head start and leave town. Caroline told Tyler the news and tearfully said goodbye to him again.  “This isn’t goodbye, this is until we find a way,” Tyler said. So sweet! She told Tyler if they couldn’t find a way, he had to promise he’d live a full, happy life without her. To ease her pain, he agreed and they kissed.  He left and she sat on the porch swing crying (I may or may not have gotten a little misty eyed at this point, I plead the fifth).

In the passageway, Elena was still alone and someone attacked her. Stefan was way behind and reached the opening of the passageway where Shane was still trapped. Shane insisted he never knew there was only one dose and tried to get Stefan to give him some of his blood to heal him. Stefan wasn’t falling for that and he left Shane where he was. After Stefan left, Shane had another hallucination of his wife.

Jeremy and Bonnie made it to Silas, who was holding a box they assumed had the cure in it. Bonnie said it was “fossilized in place.” Bonnie thought about what Grams said to her in her hallucination. They had to “feed him” their blood to loosen his hold on the box. They needed to wake him up. Jeremy hit him with a rock and Bonnie told him they would find a way to get the cure without waking him. At that moment Bonnie was stabbed in the back by Vaughn. No! He told Jeremy they needed to raise Silas now. Vaughn cut his hand and let his blood drip over Silas (I’m not sure why he didn’t use Bonnie’s blood since she was already bleeding, unless it has to be the blood of a hunter). Jeremy tried to fight Vaughn but Vaughn had a lot more experience. He was about to kill him when “Elena” showed up. Jeremy reminded her of the Hunter’s Curse and she bit Vaughn’s neck and knocked him out.

Back at Elena’s house, Klaus freely walked outside. He told Caroline he thought he was free because something happened to Bonnie. He told her that he would never hurt her and that he had shown kindness and forgiveness for her (CaroKlaus anyone?)

In the well, Jeremy asked “Elena” to give Bonnie her blood to save her, but “Elena” wanted Jeremy to raise Silas. She got an attitude with him and he realized it wasn’t Elena, it was Katherine (how did she get there?). She slit his wrist, and put it to Silas’ mouth. Katherine then bit Jeremy’s neck and shoved it in Silas’ mouth. Silas raised his hand to hold Jeremy’s head still and Katherine grabbed the box and left. Silas snapped Jeremy’s neck and he fell to the floor looking seriously and officially dead. No! Bonnie saw the whole thing as she lied there helpless. Sad face! They can’t kill Jeremy on Valentine’s Day!!!

This episode left me with a lot of questions. Is Jeremy really dead this time? Will his ring save him? Or does the ring not work on him anymore now that he is a hunter? What about the Hunter’s curse? Will Silas suffer from it if Jeremy really is dead? If Jeremy is dead will Silas bring him back to life? Where is Tyler going? Will Caroline hook up with Klaus now that Tyler is gone? Why was Katherine there? Do you think Katherine was working with the shady professor? What will Katherine do with the cure? What is going to happen to Bonnie? Ahh!! I need a drink after this one guys. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and we will see you here next week!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8/7 on the CW.

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  1. Sandy Kam Marucci

    February 15, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    If Caroline looooves Tyler so much… and knows she can pretty much talk Klaus into anything… why didn’t she leave with Tyler? What the heck (other than her mother) does Caroline have to keep her in Mystic Falls? – And as much as I want Klaroline together… if she hops into bed with Klaus ASAP then I’m gonna look at it as she never truly loved Tyler… with sucks because I was totally team Forwood!

    • Nice Girl Lisa

      February 16, 2013 at 10:55 am

      Good point Sandy. Why wouldn’t she leave with Tyler? If she hops in bed with Klaus right away, she didn’t really love Tyler. I hope he isn’t gone for too long.

  2. joyce

    February 16, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    I’m too far behind and can’t believe all the stuff that’s happening now. Thanks for the update. I guess I need to catch up! What the hell is goind on???

  3. Kwinncy

    April 5, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    My question is what about the hunter’s curse no one seems to be suffering from it. So either Jermey is still alive or this Silas guy is someone really badass.