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Welcome back Caroline and Tyler! Yay! I have missed them both so much. The Hunter games continue in this episode so let’s get down to it.

The whole gang made it to the island and they are ready to find the cure. Bonnie was lucky enough to take pictures of Jeremy’s Hunter’s mark and she couldn’t help but check him out. It made me want them to get back together. Maybe we will have a little witch/hunter action in the future. While touching Jeremy’s mark, Bonnie told the story of Silas and Qetsiyah.  Silas asked Qetsiyah to help him with a spell for immortality. She made him immortal and then figured out he wanted to use it on another woman, so she killed that woman. Then she buried Silas alive (even though he was immortal) in a cave. Shane said that Qetsiyah created the cure and buried it with Silas, hoping that he would take it and die so they could be together (on the other side) forever but he wouldn’t do it. Centuries later her descendants created the hunters to find him, give him the cure and kill him. Well there is no wrath like the wrath of a woman scorned.

Klaus was still trapped in Elena’s living room staring at Kol’s dead body. Tyler came by to watch him suffer. They talked about what would happen if Klaus took the cure and Tyler had his own theory. He thinks if Klaus becomes human, his connection to those in his bloodline will be broken. That way no one becomes human and no one will die if they kill Klaus (when he is human).

On the island, Shane told a ghost story about miners on the island digging up a well, and they went crazy and bled themselves dry. The rumor spread that in exchange for a drop of their blood, they would see visions of their deceased loved ones in the well. Creepy! Shane shared that he lost his wife and son within months of each other, and tried the well. Flashback to Shane cutting his hand and bleeding. Then he heard his wife’s voice and fell to the bottom of the well. He looked up and he saw his wife before he passed out.

Back to present day, they realize there are traps on the island and they aren’t welcomed with open arms. Someone shot an arrow at Jeremy and Elena pushed him out of the way. Before the islander could shoot again someone threw a hatchet and hit the islander in his back. We never saw who it was, but someone on that island is looking out for Jeremy.

At Elena’s, Caroline came over to convince Tyler to go home. He plans to stay with Klaus until he can kill him. Klaus tried to pull the “We are even” card since Tyler’s mother died and was Kol died, but they weren’t falling for that. Frustrated Klaus took a lamp and stabbed Caroline with it. He pulled her towards him and bit her neck. Pissing off an original is never a good idea. Tyler pleaded with Klaus to give her his blood to save her, but he wanted to teach Tyler a lesson and Caroline was going to pay the price.

Into the WildOn the island, Bonnie figured out that Jeremy’s mark did not have a spell written in it. Shane told them that with Expression you don’t have to have a written spell; you just have to want it bad enough because the magic is already inside you. Damon was sick of trusting Shane and wanted answers. Shane shared that his wife was a powerful witch and tried to resurrect their son with Expression after he died. It was too much for her to handle and she died as well. Bonnie was fuming that Shane taught her the same magic. He told her that he knows more about it now and he can keep it from consuming her. But if they kill Shane, Bonnie is like a time bomb ready to go off. He did that for his own safety. Bonnie will have to keep him alive so he can keep her alive (I knew he was shady). While this was unfolding, Jeremy was in his tent when an islander grabbed him and took him away.

The next day everyone separated. Bonnie wanted to do a spell so Shane stayed with her, and since Damon doesn’t trust Shane, he stayed with them. Elena tagged along with Rebekah and Stefan. Awkward (at this point I was thinking? Hello does anyone notice that Jeremy is gone?)! Damon caught Shane using the phone (that he said didn’t work) and Damon was done. He asked him where the cure was and Shane said Silas and the cure are in caves underneath the well. Flashback to Shane’s wife telling him that if he helped bring Silas back, Silas would help those that helped him. She told him about the importance of the hunter’s mark, the spell, and having a descendant of Qetsiyah. Bonnie was the descendent. Damon asked Shane about the death of the council members. Another flashback of Shane’s wife and she told him that he didn’t have to do the three massacres of 12 himself. He just had to convince someone it was possible for them to see a lost loved one again and they would do it for him. All the victims of the massacres would return when Silas did. Damon wasn’t sure where the 3 massacres came from, he knew of the council members and Klaus’ hybrid killing spree but that was all. Shane assured Damon that they weren’t part of a third killing spree but he didn’t tell him where the well was. So Damon decided torture was his next move.

Shane tried to get in Damon’s head by telling him to leave before Elena gets the cure and chooses Stefan. He is pretty confident that Damon won’t kill him because of Bonnie, but he doesn’t know Damon very well. Damon doesn’t care about Bonnie and was about snap his neck when Elena arrived to save the day. She told Shane to stop messing with her friends and let him go (which I knew she would regret later).

Damon told Elena that he doesn’t want her to take the cure because it won’t work if she is human and he is a vampire. She told him to take the cure with her so they could be human together. He told her that was Stefan, not him. Ouch. He can’t think of anything more miserable than being human he said.

Into the WildOff in the woods, Stefan and Rebekah were talking and she asked why everyone assumed that she hated Elena so much (maybe because she ran her off of a bridge to her death. I mean it is just a guess). She said she did what anyone of them would do to save their family. They go back to camp and Elena can’t find Bonnie or Shane. All of Shane’s belongings were gone and so was the headstone. The shady professor strikes again.

Back at Elena’s, Tyler came up with a plan to save Caroline. He knew that Klaus still had feelings for her so he put Caroline right in front of him so he would have to watch her die if he didn’t help her. Tyler left and Caroline told Klaus he was doing this because he’s hurt, and that is proof that there is a piece of his humanity left.  She said “I know that you’re in love with me, and anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.” Aw! Klaus fought back tears and said she was hallucinating. She faked taking her final breath and he gave in. He fed her his blood to save her.

On the island, Rebekah snapped because she thought Elena and Stefan were using her for the headstone. Stefan convinced her that they were not involved with the shady professor and his plan. Stefan said that every moment of his last 146 years was ruled by the pain of being a vampire. He wants the cure for himself whether Elena loves him or not. Elena offered Rebekah the white oak stake as a peace-offering but Rebekah said they are all screwed. The three of them have to work together and Rebekah had to accept that.

Further in the woods Shane met up with an islander (also a witch) who had Jeremy gagged and bound. Bonnie arrived and didn’t know how she got there but the witch covered her path and would make sure Bonnie could not find her way back. They were off to find Silas whether they wanted to or not.

Damon was walking through the woods alone when he got hit by an arrow. It was one of The Five (played by Charlie Bewley, shout out to Twilight fans). He knew it when he saw the mark on his hand. He snapped Damon’s neck and he was out!

So what did you think of this episode? What will the Hunter do with Damon? Will the Shady professor get to the cure or will Team Stefan catch up to him first? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on the CW.

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  1. Joyce

    February 10, 2013 at 7:57 am

    Wow! I stopped watching the show and can’t believe all the stuff I’ve missed. Thanks for catching me up! Again, all I can say is “wow!”

    • Nice Girl Lisa

      February 11, 2013 at 6:09 pm

      There is a lot going on! Glad you were able to catch up!