MERLIN: Gwen and Morgana – Once BFFs, Now Enemies

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Tonight’s episode of Merlin, The Dark Tower, has Gwen in Morgana’s clutches but it wasn’t always like that. These two strong women were once best friends, as much as servants and royalty can be. Gwen was once Morgana’s very trusted servant, and Gwen loved Morgana like a sister. She was very devoted to her and heartbroken when Morgana turned dark.

Morgana felt betrayed by Gwen. She misunderstood something she heard from Gwen and after Uther’s rejection and Merlin’s attempt to kill her and her sister, Morgana’s pain painted Gwen as her enemy. It was so very sad and I miss the friendship these ladies shared.

In tonight’s episode Morgana and Gwen are reunited once more, but under very different circumstances, and neither woman is the same. Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby talk about filming their scenes.

“We’ve always said we wanted to work more together, and finally they’ve given us the chance,” Coulby said. “With the entire change in the dynamics of the Gwen-Morgana relationship now being opposing forces, it’s made working together that much more exciting.”


For McGrath, their time together tops anything that’s come before. “These new scenes have been our best scenes of the whole five years,” says McGrath. “We’re no longer ward to the king and her maid, we’re no longer the friends we were – there’s an adversarial aspect to it all now. That’s made for some real, meaty scenes for us. It’s great.”

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