HART OF DIXIE Recap: Take Me Home Country Roads

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Let’s take this story by story shall we?

Zoe and Wade:
Zoe is telling Wade how great the town has been to her lately. Ever since the flu epidemic she has been pretty in demand. Wade has noticed; this is her third all-nighter at the office. He’s starting to miss her.
Despite promising Wade she would be home that night for sure to hang out with him she gets caught up in being everyone’s best friend and opts to stay with Annabeth instead.
Much much later Zoe gets home to see Wade asleep on her bed next to a table with roses and candles. She sighs but that is about all she can do.
The next morning Zoe finds Wade at the Rammer Jammer talking to Jonah…Jonah Breeland. He is Bricks nephew and is in town for Brick’s birthday. He’s pretty. Zoe pulls Wade aside and apologizes for last night. He wants to go away with her for the weekend. She reluctantly agrees.
The only obstacle is Brick. It’s his birthday weekend so he won’t let Zoe take the weekend off to go out of town with Wade. Wade is disappointed but he has a plan.
Wade shows up with Jonah. That’s his plan, he found another doctor to fill in for Zoe for the weekend. Turns out Jonah graduated fromJolene Duke with honors and just finished his residency. Zoe is still a little reluctant but the town apparently loves Jonah and they are more that okay that he is there to help out.
Wade finally gets Zoe out of town for their weekend away at a hunting lodge. He is really trying but Zoe wants to check her messages and generally ignores the fact that Wade has been missing her. Who would have thought Wade would be better at relationships than Zoe?
Zoe gets back to the cabin, after falling down the hill looking for cell service, so she is covered in mud. She is also agitated because she is worried her patients can’t get ahold of her up there. Wade says she is worried the town won’t like her as much as they like Jonah. She counters it is called career satisfaction and he would understand that if…she trails off because she was about to be pretty mean to poor Wade. Wade just looks at her for a long moment and says he will take her home.
Wade drives Zoe back into town and she apologizes for what she said. He is clearly still upset though. She is going to stop in the office and then meet him back at his place.
At the office she sees at least half the town there and assumes they are there to see Jonah. She makes a scene only to discover it is Brick’s birthday party. She slinks off.
Zoe heads over to Wade’s. She says he was right about her obsessing over her new popularity. She sorry though and even booked a room for them for next weekend.
They kiss and make up.

Lavon and Annabeth:
Annabeth and Lavon have a few awkward encounters in town since last episode they got a little friendly. Later Lavon calls her to ask her to dinner, they can talk about what is going on then. Annabeth says yes and then no and then yes again before telling him she has to do something first. She needs to talk to Lemon. The talk doesn’t happen though. What does end up happening is Lemon setting up dinner plans for Annabeth and Jonah.
Annabeth and Jonah are at dinner at the Rammer Jammer when Lavon walks in. He sees Annabeth and Jonah and takes off. Annabeth says she has to go and catches up with Lavon. She explains she only went out with Jonah to waylay Lemon’s suspicions.
After talking to Zoe Lavon heads over to Annabeth’s house. He tells Annabeth he isn’t in love with Lemon anymore even if she is in love with him. He says what is going on with him and Annabeth is happening and they can’t deny it or they shouldn’t. They deserve to be happy and Annabeth makes him happy.
That happiness only lasts a little longer though and as the episode ends Annabeth stops by Lavon’s. While crying she tells him she can’t do this right now. Poor Lavon can’t catch a break when it comes to women.

Shelby and the Breeland’s:
At the Butter Stick Bakery Shelby shows up and sits right down with Lemon and Annabeth. Lemon barely tolerates her and when she leaves she assures herself that Brick is just going through a mid-life crisis and this won’t be permanent.
In the town square Lemon is sitting with Brick talking about his birthday party and his insistence on going public with his relationship with Shelby when Jonah moseys on over. They are so happy to see him.
JoleneLater Brick goes home and tells Lemon they have to cancel his party. He is worried about all of the patients he is losing to Zoe lately and is even more worried the town won’t understand his and Shelby’s relationship.
Magnolia decides to take charge of operation Get Rid of Shelby since Lemon is trying to be a better more caring and understanding person. Magnolia meets Shelby for lunch and tells her Brick cancels his party every year and they just need to throw him a surprise party.
That night Brick is having dinner with Shelby, Magnolia and Lemon when Lemon gets a text about a surprise party. She pulls Magnolia aside and asks what is going on. Apparently Magnolia convinced Shelby to jump out of a giant cake and serenade Brick with a sexy song. When Lemon asks what she was thinking Magnolia says she figured their happiness was more important than Bricks. She learned that from Lemon, which you can see from the look on Lemon’s face hurt.
Brick gets a fake emergency call and heads to the office.
The party is in full swing when Annabeth pulls Lemon aside. She comes clean about her feelings for Lavon and Lemon starts to get teary eyed. Lemon is not at all understanding and forgiving to Annabeth before storming off. Lemon doesn’t get much time to pout though because Shelby jumps out of the giant cake and starts lip syncing to Fever and dancing around. When she is done the town applauds. They loved it.

George and Tansy:
George is over at Tansy’s house and she asks him to watch Dolly – her dog – for the night while she is in Birmingham. George agrees but he clearly doesn’t love her dog.
Tansy comes home from Birmingham to find Dolly is missing. She snuck out of George’s house boat while he was sleeping. Tansy doesn’t take this very well at all as Dolly is her baby.
On a side note George Tucker in his boxers is very nice.
Later that night George is still searching for Dolly when he hears a whimpering sound. He finds Dolly stuck under the pier since the dog is scared of water. George wades in and starts singing Dolly Parton to Dolly to help coax him out. It works.

Hart of Dixie will be back on February 19th.

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