ELEMENTARY Recap: The Deductionist

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Shows that air after the Super Bowl are notoriously awesome. For instance: Alias, Jennifer Garner, and Lingerie. This episode of Elementary does a good job of keeping up with its predecessors. I’m talking about opening on hookers dancing around in very little clothing with flashing lights. Of course they are criminals and Holmes is setting them up to be caught, so that’s nice.

The case of the week involves Ennis a serial killer who is out of prison long enough to donate a kidney to his sister. Except moments Elementary-Episode-14-The-Deductionist-17before surgery can start Ennis grabs a scalpel, slices some and shoots others before making his escape.
Holmes and Watson get there to consult. Holmes takes a few moments in the OR and deduces what happened. For some reason Captain Gregson can’t figure out how Sherlock knows what happened so quickly. Really Gregson? Really?
Since Ennis is a serial killer that makes this an FBI case as well which brings Agent Drummond (Kari Matchett) to New York. She wrote a book on Ennis and everything. You can guess how much respect Holmes has for her.
Sherlock is at home going over the case when Watson questions why Agent Drummond makes him so mad. Apparently she wrote an article on him for a journal and in it she saw his pending drug use and he did not. This makes him very upset.

The next day Gregson is yelling at Drummond, Watson and Holmes. He wants to know what they are going to do about Ennis because there are a lot of bodies piling up in the morgue. Ennis interrupts the meeting by calling the precinct. He called to explain what he is up to but Holmes says that isn’t necessary, he knows what Ennis is up to. Holmes says Ennis wants to humiliate Drummond because of what she did to his family. Drummond alleged – incorrectly – that Ennis’s Dad abused him and because of that his Dad hung himself shortly after Drummond’s book came out. Ennis says he will quit what he is doing; all they have to do is give him Agent Drummond. He makes it sound like it’s a very simple trade, one Sherlock thinks sounds reasonable.

Elementary-Episode-14-The-DeductionistA day later the cops stop by Ennis’s sister’s house because it was vandalized the night before. While there Watson notices a lot of food that you wouldn’t eat if you were having kidney problems. Holmes does some looking around and thinks Ennis’s sister poisoned herself so she would end up in the hospital allowing her brother to be temporarily released from prison to donate his kidney.

While they are at her house, Drummond is at Ennis’s sister’s hospital bed apologizing for the accusations of abuse against her parents. Holmes calls Bell with his suspicions but before he can get back into the room Ennis’s sister stabs and almost kills Drummond with a pair of scissors.

Holmes, Watson and Gregson get to the hospital to question Ennis’s sister. She isn’t remorseful at all. The only thing she says is Ennis called her a year or so ago and his idea sounded good. I can’t figure out what part of the plan sounded good, the part where he murders seven plus people, the part where she has permanent liver damage or the part where she becomes a murderer.

That night Holmes surprises Ennis at his hideout. He tracked him down thanks to the radio station that was playing in the background of Ennis’s last call to Gregson. They discuss Drummond’s profiling and whether it is valid. Holmes gives him a choice, handcuffs or the gun on the table. Ennis not surprisingly goes for the gun but Holmes had a stick behind his back, he strikes Ennis knocking him to the floor. Gregson shows up and arrests him.

In a side story Watson’s apartment – that she sublets – was used to film porn so now she is getting evicted. She isn’t happy about this. Holmes is only upset that the film is produces so sloppily. Fortunately for Watson on the film she sees some discrepancies and deduces the Landlord knew about the filming. He wanted her evicted because the apartment is rent controlled. She calls him on it and he agrees to her terms of paying for her belongings to go into storage as well as buying her a new couch. After watching that movie she doesn’t want her old couch anymore and I can’t say I blame her.

Elementary airs Thursday 10/9c on CBS

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