SCANDAL Recap: Truth or Consequences

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Here’s the thing…I’ve finally gotten that flu that’s been going around so you are getting more of a recap and less of a retelling tonight. I think some of you might appreciate having less to read as I can sometimes ramble on a bit. Here we go:

In the past we get to see Jesse – Quinsay’s boyfriend – switching out the voting machine chips and when he finds out Hollis made $2 billion dollars from all of this he tries to get Hollis to pay him $5 million more. Hollis handles things by contacting Becky to kill Jesse and frame Quinsay.

GREGG HENRY, KERRY WASHINGTONIn the present David accuses Hollis of being part of the election scheme. This doesn’t go over well with Hollis who stops by Pope and Associates to remind Olivia she said she had the David Rosen problem handled.

Over at the White House Mellie storms into Cyrus’s office ranting for him to “get your guy under control!” She cannot believe Fitz wants a divorce. Cyrus calms her and when she leaves he mutters, “Breeders.”

Cyrus confronts Fitz about wanting a divorce as that is career suicide. He reminds The President that possible side effects of being shot in the head include; delusions, recklessness and making bold declarations like divorcing your nine months pregnant wife.
Fitz doesn’t really care what Cyrus thinks. “Here’s what’s great about having someone attempt to assassinate you…” No more fear. “You realize you have nothing to lose and no time to waste.” “This is going to happen.”

Olivia makes a stop by the White House to visit Cyrus about Hollis. She says David Rosen is the good guy and they are the bad guys. Gray Area Cyrus says, “Everyone is a good guy to someone it just depends on your point of view.” She is losing it. Quite literally she looks like she is going to fall apart at any moment so Cyrus says he will fix it, Hollis is his problem now.

She gets home to process/sleep off her crazy few weeks when she gets a call, from Fitz.
Side Note: These are the scenes I love. I don’t care if they break my heart or make me long for love like theirs…I love them all the same. I think I said I wasn’t going to ramble.
Olivia tells Fitz, “You don’t know. You don’t know who I am. You don’t know me.” He assures her he does know who she is. She also mentions Edison’s proposal. She could have a normal life with Edison. Fitz begs her to wait for him and says he asked Mellie for a divorce. Her response is to hang up.

The next morning Edison finds Olivia still in bed almost comatose. He is concerned about her but she tells him to go away. He is so worried he goes to Pope and Associates to ask for their help.
The Gladiators decide to put all their cards on the table, for one day they tell what they know, no judgments, and no repercussions so maybe they can piece together what is going on.
Quinsay explains how Huck moved her to DC and how she flew on Verna’s plane. Abby’s annoying ass has some trouble with the no judgments part for a moment. I’m seriously trying to figure out why anyone thinks letting Quinsay stay where she was and go down for murder is better than where she ended up at Pope and Associates. I’m talking to you to Quinsay. You don’t need to be so self-righteous all the time. If it wasn’t for Huck and Olivia Becky would have framed you perfectly.
Abby shares David Rosen’s investigation information – Jesse called Hollis and helped with the voting rigging.
Harrison shares Hollis must have something on Olivia for her not to turn him in. They deduce Olivia met Hollis on the campaign trail when Fitz was running for office, and it starts to click for them.

Huck goes to visit Olivia who is still in bed. In a way only old friends would he gets right up on the bed with her and says Hollis has to go. She won’t let him take care of it though, no more killing. Olivia says Cyrus will take care of it, it’s his problem now and Huck shares that Cyrus takes care of things the same way Huck would. Charlie is Cyrus’s guy.

Thanks to Olivia visiting David Rosen Hollis is visited by the FBI with a warrant to search for information relating to the assassination of The President. They find the burner phone he keeps in his desk drawer. Something I have a problem with, between the burner phone still being in his desk, missing one of the voting machine memory cards and as you will read in a moment a laptop not collected this whole plan was never cleaned up properly.
Anyway David Rosen tells Olivia it would be a good thing if he had a money trail to tie Hollis to Becky. She’ll look into it.

Olivia stops by Pope and Associates to apologize for anything she did that made their lives harder, she will answer any questions they KERRY WASHINGTON, COLUMBUS SHORT, KATIE LOWES, GUILLERMO DIAZ, DARBY STANCHFIELDhave. Quinsay’s ungrateful behind wants all the answers, like she is in a position to hold Olivia accountable. Harrison steps up and tells Quinsay she is either on the team or in the cold, the rest of the group backs him.
Olivia gets The Gladiators to help find the money trail from Hollis to Becky so he doesn’t get out of these charges.
Quinsay thinks they can find the money trail from Hollis to Jesse for the Cytron bombing as well. She and Huck head to the genius bar to pick up the laptop of Jesse’s she dropped off to be fixed two years ago days before the bombing.
Sure enough on the laptop Huck finds a Cayman account in Jesse’s name with money in it from Hollis. In order to get Becky’s part of the money trail Huck visits her in jail. Huck gives Becky his real name and she gives up the account information.

Back over at the White House Cyrus tells Mellie Fitz is going through with the divorce. Mellie says she cleaned up Fitz after the mess his father made of him. She made him and now Olivia gets to reap the benefits. Cyrus advises Mellie if she has any tricks left up her sleeve she better make it happen now.
Then because Cyrus is such a fixer a scary frightening fixer he calls Charlie and tells him to make Hollis’s death look like an accident as soon as he is released.

Just as Fitz is about to leave in the middle of the day to visit Olivia – something Cyrus is not okay with – there is an emergency, Mellie needs him. He gets to the hospital to find Mellie in labor and holds her hand like he did for the first two children’s births.

The episode ends with Huck finding out it wasn’t Hollis who paid Becky for killing the President. It’s looking like it might be a little too late for Hollis though as Charlie gets into the elevator with Hollis at his building.

Scandal airs Thursday 10/9c on ABC

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