MERLIN: Bradley James Talks Comaradarie and Friendship Among His Knights

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In tonight’s episode of Merlin, the Knights take center stage once again as Arthur finds himself in trouble with The Disir. Bradley James talks about the friendships built among the boys during the five seasons of filming Merlin.

“Hanging out with the lads has been such a blessing – they’re a great bunch of guys who are all so very different from each other that we’ve banded together brilliantly,” James says. “As far as the knights went, everybody brings his own individual style to it, no two are the same. Each brings something different to the table in a weird and wonderful way.

He explains: “Rupert is the quickest witted, Owen is the most ridiculous, Adetomiwa is a misunderstood scholar, and Tom is hilarious because he has a vulnerable side that he’s not afraid of in anyway, and he gets himself into certain situations that are priceless because of that vulnerability. If you want a joke, though, head in Rupert’s direction.”

James says the four actors were joined by Merlin himself in off-screen antics. “Along with Colin, we’ve had such a great time being together.There’s always a lot of laughter, making up songs, playing practical jokes, all of that just spontaneously happens when you spend a lot of time together.”

Here’s a look at tonight’s episode.

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