HART OF DIXIE Recap: Lovesick Blues

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So in the South towns make commercials that look suspiciously like those 1-900 commercials they air on cable TV after midnight just to advertise the fruit they are known for? I learn so much watching Hart of Dixie. Apparently Lavon isn’t too happy about this and neither is George since the town of Filmore is attempting to highjack Bluebell’s berry picking business with their sleazy commercial.
The most obvious solution is to take George’s college semester of film making and make their own commercial.

Wade and Zoe are having breakfast at the Rammer Jammer and talking about Wade’s show/gig. The Mattress Police are playing in Daphne and even though Wade would sort of like Zoe to go she says she is just so busy in Bluebell thanks to Brick being gone.

Over at the Butter Stick Bakery Annabeth’s breakfast is interrupted by the ever manic Lemon. She is pretty sure Walt (her boyfriend we never talk about or see) wants to break up with her. Do you want to know her reason…because he wants to cook her dinner before going out of town. This apparently signifies the beginning of the end. Annabeth is not crazy so she thinks maybe Lemon isn’t quite right about this. Annabeth thinks Walt wants sex. Lemon is sure it is too soon.
Annabeth: Remember when we were watching the Olympics and those opening ceremonies went on forever.
Lemon: Yes and we were like when are we going to see some gymnastics.
It takes Lemon a moment but she gets the analogy.

Lovesick BluesLavon is sitting down to see George’s pitch for Bluebell’s commercial. George has brought along Tom to help with the story boards. The idea is great but unfortunately George needs, $1.2 million, Taylor Swift and a crane to accomplish it. Lavon comes back with a counteroffer: $378, whomever they can convince to help and a step stool from the garage. George is on board.

Zoe calls Lavon who meets her in her office. There is a flu outbreak in Alabama and she has visual aids to prove it. Don’t worry though Zoe has a plan.

At the Breeland’s Lemon is telling Magnolia she won’t be staying over tomorrow night, even though she promised Brick. Somehow Magnolia convinces Lemon that not only is it okay but she doesn’t need a babysitter. I mean if I remember what Walt looks like he is attractive and all but he isn’t so good looking you would forget your younger sister Magnolia is a little bit of a hellion. No sooner does Lemon leave then Magnolia makes a call, Pprty at her house. Tell everyone.

Wade gets a good luck on your gig tonight call from Zoe and who does Zoe hear in the background, Lilly Anne. She was the crazy ex band mate of Wades who was also in love with him. Zoe is suddenly not so okay with not being at Wade’s show.
She doesn’t have too much time to dwell on this though because Lavon comes in with the town’s bylaws. Lavon wants to close the town’s borders for 48 hours, to keep the flu out. No one comes out and no one gets in. Bluebell has been quarantined.

Thanks to the quarantine, Annabeth gets yet another crazy visit from Lemon. Lemon is sure the quarantine will force Walt to find someone else since he is no longer going to be able to come over to cook her dinner tomorrow. How did she and George last so long? Lemon is calmed down by the fine print on the quarantine flyer, there will be town meeting to hear opposing views before it is official.
At the town meeting they decide people who can show proof of a flu vaccine can come into town.

George and Lavon are deciding who to cast for their lead girl in the commercial when Lavon suggests Annabeth. Lavon seems quite happy when she accepts.
Filming the commercial is going pretty well minus not having a hot air balloon. Lavon and Annabeth agree to meet back up around dinner time to rehearse. It’s rather sweet how cute they are.

On the phone with Wade Zoe is upset because apparently Wade has not gotten a flu shot. Wade says he will just come home anyway but Zoe says she will know and it’s the law. Wade will be spending the night at Lilly Anne’s house. Zoe isn’t okay with this either and she shouldn’t be because Lilly Anne starts hitting on Wade the second they hang up.

Zoe meanwhile is walking through the town square and she sees a guy sneeze and then reach for licorice. Next thing we know Rose’s friend reaches into that same licorice. I think we have the start of a flu outbreak people.

Lemon is at home showing Annabeth her table settings and outfit choices for this evening. Annabeth reminds her this is sex not a dinner party. She needs to lose the fine china. Of course Lemon calls Annabeth loyal and the best friend ever which only makes Annabeth feel bad for liking Lavon. Annabeth leaves Lemon’s house and calls George. She can’t be in the commercial anymore. She blames it on the flu.

Over at her office Zoe is confirming sneeze boy from earlier does in fact have the flu. She sends him home only to see at least six other Lovesick Bluespeople in her waiting room also coming down with the flu.
Oh dear, the next shot shows how the flu made it to Bluebell. Wade broke quarantine and looks horrible. He sneezes on sneeze boy. This isn’t good.

Zoe has a whole triage tent set up and is lamenting to Rose that she still hasn’t heard from Wade. She isn’t okay with this since he supposedly spent last night on Lilly Anne’s couch.

In town square Cricket and Lavon are filming the commercial but Lavon doesn’t think he’s feeling it without Annabeth and his plan is to bring Annabeth some chicken soup to see if that helps her feel better. George wants Lavon to admit what is going on with Annabeth but Lavon just walks away.

Annabeth however is at home with Lemon’s giving her candles and dishes that aren’t fine china. She even highlighted passes in Fifty Shades of Grey for Lemon to read. Unfortunately at that moment Lemon sneezes. She may have the flu. Of course who would come knocking but Lavon with the chicken soup he made for Annabeth.

Lemon is all dressed up and ready for her date and still sneezing when Walt gets there.

In the triage tent Zoe is taking care of patient after patient when Wanda says she saw Wade in town last night. Zoe marches over to Wade’s house. She hears him coughing so she does the only logical thing. She breaks the glass in his door so she can reach through and open it.
Zoe stays to take care of Wade even though she a little annoyed he broke curfew. He did do it to get away from Lilly Anne though so she isn’t too upset. Wade is a grumpy pants though, he wants to take care of himself and he doesn’t want her hovering or trying to help him. She says fine and storms out.

Meanwhile Lemon is trying to hold it together but she clearly doesn’t feel good. She changes into something “more comfortable” and continues to sneeze her way through the evening. She bursts out in tears between sneezes and admits she has the flu. You know Walt is a good guy when he opts to stay and just hold Lemon while she is sick.

Lovesick BluesAnnabeth is at home under a blanket eating soup while Lavon sits next to her on the couch. Did I mention he brought her a whole care package? She tells him he better go but gives in and lets him stay.
They are having a cute moment and Lavon leans in to kiss her. She freaks out and tells him he has to go. She says it is because she is sick but we know it is because Annabeth is trying to spare Lemon’s feelings.

Later Zoe is back at Wade’s. She brought a food tray even though Wade doesn’t want to be taken care of. She tells him she didn’t call him all episode because she was worried about what he was doing with Lilly Anne. She called him because she missed him. They are supposed to take care of each other. She will be going to his shows/gigs from now on and she will be taking care of him while he is sick.

The next morning at the Rammer Jammer George is showing Lavon his finished commercial. It’s a great little commercial with a kid eating pies and being adorable.
Annabeth gets over to Lemon’s that same morning to check on her. Walt is still there taking care of Lemon and they look pretty happy so Annabeth leaves.
Later Annabeth heads over to Lavon’s to give him back his soup container. Annabeth tells him nothing can happen and as that is code in TV Land for things are going to happen they kiss. Drop the soup pot, cling to each other kiss.

Finally Zoe ends up getting the flu and she has Wade to take care of her.
Wade: I can feed you intravenously if I have to. I watched a YouTube video. I can get it done.

What do you guys think of Annabeth and Lavon? And how much cuter can Wade and Zoe get?

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesday 8/7c on The CW

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