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Wade is in Lavon’s kitchen unloading a box of cured sausage, it’s what he thought Zoe wanted. She actually wanted to see that foreign film – the name of which sounds a lot like cured sausage – with Kristen Scott Thomas and the guy from The Artist. Wade tells her to have fun and she says she wants to see it with him as “payback” for him making her go to the demolition derby. I can see this whole opposite attracts thing is working out beautifully.Islands in the Stream

Over at the Butter Stick Bakery Lemon is storming out after her Dad has stood her up for the second time in a week. She almost runs into Cricket and Annabeth outside. They stop for a moment and end up doing that dance you do with people when you don’t know which way they are going so you both move aside only to move into each other’s way again with a man with a fantastic British accent. Annabeth seems to think so as well she ditches Cricket to follow him into the bakery.

At the doctor’s office Shelby and Brick are setting up their next liaison except Brick doesn’t want to sneak around anymore. He wants to tell his girls about them. In fact he is going to tell them tomorrow night, at dinner, in public. Shelby says that is a good idea when Lemon walks in scaring them. She wants to know why Shelby is even there and Shelby covers by saying she is the new receptionist before Brick escorts Lemon out to their missed lunch.

On his houseboat George is about to eat lunch when his parents stop by. Looks like he never mentioned to his meddling Mom and Dad that he lived on a boat. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t have told them.
To make matters more awkward Tansy comes out in a towel where she meets George’s parents for the first time. What is it they say about first impressions?
George’s Mom: Your houses both move. Neat. Just like circus folk

That night Tansy, George and George’s parents are on their way to see Coeur Sauvage the foreign film Zoe mentioned earlier. George’s Mom is being herself asking Tansy things like if she is pregnant or if they met through one of the comically inaccurate dating sites.
They come across Wade and Zoe who are also there to see the movie. George and Zoe finish each other’s sentences about how great this movie is going to be and George’s Mom tells Wade and Tansy, who clearly don’t want to see the movie, there is a theater playing The Hangover 4 down the block if that was more their speed. Tansy and Wade seem excited about that but they say they are staying for the foreign film.

Lavon is at the Rammer Jammer looking at Annabeth and her British friend getting a drink across the bar. Lavon asks the owner of the Rammer Jammer who the guy is because he is sure he has seen him before.

Islands in the StreamBack over at the theater Tansy and Wade are exiting the theater saying how horrible the movie was while Zoe and George are walking behind them talking about how great it was. George’s meddling Mother is watching George and Zoe get along so splendidly and she is ready to start scheming. How sweet George Tucker was raised by those two people I will never figure out.

The next morning Zoe is informing Wade that she accepted an invitation to have dinner on their behalf with George and Tansy tonight. Wade does think this is a good idea. While they are having this argument Lavon is looking through old year books. He is SURE he has seen that British guy before.
Turns out Tansy is having that same discussion with George. She doesn’t want to go out on a double date with her ex-husband and she doesn’t think Zoe is fun or George when he is around Zoe.
George will figure out a way to cancel as will Zoe. Lavon interrupts them one more time to say “AH HA!” He holds up a picture, grabs his coat and is off.

Magnolia called over Lemon to show her a bra she found in the couch. Magnolia thought it might be Brick’s but Lemon says Brick is seeing someone.*gasp!*

While Annabeth is telling a nonresponsive Lemon about how great her British guy is, Lemon has no time for Annabeth’s stories…her Father has a lover. Annabeth says it is okay and if he hasn’t told Lemon there is a reason. Lemon thinks she has an obligation to know. Now, recently I haven’t hated Lemon. Usually I just can’t stand her holier than thou, I’m so superior to you attitude and lately it hasn’t been so bad, she has been almost human. So writers do not bring her back around to that character I did not like in the first season.
Shelby shows up at their table to offer Lemon a puff pastry and invite her to dinner. Lemon is about to turn her down when she gets that I have a scheme look. Annabeth suggests Shelby turn and run but it is too late. Lemon thinks dinner is a great idea, they can figure out together what bimbo Brick is sleeping with. Shelby’s face is priceless.

Lavon has tracked down Oliver Kent – Annabeth’s British guy – to confront him.
Lavon: You are a Southern born, backwoods bred, tobacco chewing, catfish gutting, river guide.
He has the picture to prove it. Oliver to his credit doesn’t break character and admits he was before turning back to the flowers he is looking at. Lavon wants to know what is going on and Olivia says the accent (the British one) is all too real and beyond his control. Lavon looks puzzled.

Wade and Zoe are having dinner at an out of the way restaurant so they won’t run into Wade and Tansy after Zoe lied about why they couldn’t get together with them. Who do you suppose they run into? Anyone? Show of hands if you think it is Wade and Tansy. Yep, Wade and Tansy are at the same restaurant I assume doing the same thing.
Zoe and Wade offer to leave but George says they can just stay. He was about to offer to let them join then for dinner but Tansy makes up a little story about her and George being in a fight so Wade and Zoe sit at another table just one over from them. That won’t be awkward at all.

At the Rammer Jammer Lavon is listening to Oliver tell him he has Foreign Accent Syndrome, which is a real thing. It’s also treatable with migraine drugs but Oliver didn’t take them. He likes the accent, it improved his life and the ladies love it. Lavon thinks it isn’t fair to the people he isn’t telling the whole truth to, they could get hurt. *cough* Annabeth *cough*

Brick finds Shelby in his office. She tells him about Lemon’s plan. Brick asks Shelby to lay low and he will tell Lemon and Magnolia tomorrow and to cancel dinner plans with Lemon. She can just say she is working late; there is a lot of actual work to be done around the office after all. Shelby doesn’t seem too happy to be doing any receptionist work but she is on board for the rest.

Still at the restaurant Zoe wants to know how sitting a few feet away from George and Tansy is less awkward than hanging out with them. Over at the other table George gets a text from his Mother. It says she is looking for Dr. Hart, his Dad had some minor chest pains and they are on his boat if he does find Zoe. Zoe got the same text. George and Zoe take off leaving Wade and Tansy at dinner. Wade joins Tansy at her table.

Not one to take no for an answer Lemon shows up at the doctor office to bring Shelby dinner. Lemon is going to stay all night if she has to; she is going to go through her Father’s stuff until she figures out who the bimbo is.Islands in the Stream

Zoe and George meanwhile get to his boat to find only his Mother there. His Mother even starts the engines and says they aren’t getting off of that boat until they give her a good reason why they aren’t together. Unfortunately she floods the engine and they get a little stranded.
They have to wait for it to dry out while they float around the water and George isn’t pleased with his Mom for meddling. She isn’t letting it drop though and she wants to know why George and Zoe aren’t together. George is about to tell her exactly why but he can’t think of anything to say. He leaves it to Zoe. She summarizes their will they won’t they relationship in a few very amusing sentences.

At the Rammer Jammer Oliver is coming clean with Annabeth. She tells him she will still like him even without the accent, anyone who knows him now will. Annabeth is a very sweet woman.

Still at dinner together Tansy is getting worked up about George and Zoe leaving them there when Wade gets a text explaining that George’s Mom kidnapped them and she will be back soon. Wade seems pretty nonplused about it but Tansy is ready to go storming off.
Wade: You can’t freak out at every twist and turn of the Zoe Hart George Tucker fun house ride.
Tansy doesn’t care, she is going to go fight for George and Wade has to drive her.

Lemon still hasn’t figured out who the strumpet is that is seeing her Dad. Shelby wants to know why Lemon assumes she is so cheap and as an answer Lemon pulls out the bra Magnolia found in the couch. Shelby says the bra looks expensive and maybe this girl is good for her Dad. Annabeth chose that moment to call into the office and when Shelby says Brick isn’t there Annabeth says she will call him at home. Lemon’s crazy brain decides Annabeth is the one seeing her Dad. I mean honestly!

Islands in the StreamBack on the boat George is trying to figure out how to get back to shore. George’s Mom is married to a lawyer and raised two kids who became lawyers and she is good. She gets going and lays out her case. It doesn’t matter how often George says objection she keeps going. She isn’t wrong either but I don’t suppose that is helping. She will knock it off if they will just admit they have feelings for each other.
Wouldn’t you know that as soon as George says FINE they have feelings for each other Tansy and Wade enter.
While George’s Mom drinks to her triumph George tries to calm down a less than sane Tansy. Tansy confronts Mrs. Tucker and says she is with George and then turns to George and says she wants to break up. Some not so great reasoning from Zoe and some sweet words from George don’t make her change her mind. She drags Wade and Zoe into it too. Tansy wants to know what Wade is going to do when Zoe wants to move back to New York. Wade says he doesn’t need to know the future but Tansy counters that is because Wade knows there isn’t a future with Zoe. Tansy storms out and George goes after her.

At the Breeland resident Brick treats Oliver’s headaches and Annabeth hugs him as a thank you. Lemon burst in and while Brick and Annabeth are talking about Oliver’s condition Lemon is talking about how she thinks Annabeth is Bricks new gal pal. Annabeth is trying to sort it out but Brick comes clean, he is seeing Shelby. Lemon apologizes to Annabeth, gives Shelby’s bra to her Dad and leaves.

On the back of the boat Tansy and George are talking. George says yes he might always have some connection with Zoe and if they wanted to be together they would be, but they’re not. George wants to be with Tansy. Zoe comes out and agrees with what George says. Sure, in the back of her mind she always thought she would end up with George, but she is actually really happy with Wade. Zoe and George do look a little longingly at each other before calling this whole mess closed.

At the Rammer Jammer Lavon finds Annabeth to see how her friend Oliver is. Turn out Oliver has left her a message this morning, his British accent back. He is going somewhere no one knows him so he can start over. Basically he can’t live without the accent now. Annabeth says he is faking the accent, he saw her face when he spoke without the accent and it wasn’t too pretty. Annabeth thanks Lavon for looking out for her and asks Lavon to join her for coffee. Lavon looks at Annabeth with that same longing look George gave Zoe earlier.

Shelby, Brick and Lemon are on their way to lunch. Lemon pretends to be okay with this entire relationship but as soon as Brick is out of earshot she tells Shelby she doesn’t know what she is playing at but Lemon will have her out of there in a week. Fake smile back in place she goes to join her Dad.

Wade is bartending at the Rammer Jammer looking thoughtful. He wonders how much a bartender in New York makes. Awww. Zoe shows up about the same time Tansy and Wade do, they all get a table together and have an awkward little dinner.

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesday 8/7c on CW

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