Castle: “Death Gone Crazy” Recap

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I’m a *much* happier camper this week, as they’ve raised the bar ever so slightly from the previous two episodes. “Death Gone Crazy” still didn’t have a lot of ‘happy-time’ Rick & Kate moments, but the quips were flying fast and loose.

A good majority of the banter came from the dialogues between Ryan & Esposito, and they were HI-LARIOUS. Keven doesn’t get a lot of chances to mock his ‘cooler’ partner, but Javier deserved the constant ribbing. Rick even got in a quick jab near the beginning of the episode, when Espo proved that he doesn’t understand women – at all – again.

My husband and I watch Castle together on Monday nights, and as soon as the cameraman started talking we pegged him as the murderer. I would usually find this disappointing, but it was kinda fun to watch the episode unfold and stick to our choice – so we could give each other a married high-five when he’s unmasked.

In a novel (see what I did there?) twist, the show brought back an auxiliary character from last season and made him a murder victim. Beau Randolph, the founder of ‘College Girls Gone Crazy’ was a suspect back in episode 4.03, “Head Case”. A pretty small detail, but I appreciate that the writers make callbacks to previous episodes.

The side story where Esposito takes the (female) bodyguard on a date was good. Solid story, and a much better use of his character.

However, the highlight of the night was the interaction between Rick, Martha, and Alexis. Much more screen time for the Castle clan this week, and the hour was better for it. The moments all rang true, and were completely in character. Alexis’ blog was adorable, and Martha chiding Rick for being overprotective was a return to the social butterfly-ish Martha I adore.

We have a couple of weeks to wait before we get “Recoil” on Monday February 4th, so hang in there Castle fans!

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