LOST GIRL Recap: Season 3, Episode 2 “Subterrfaenean”

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It’s one thing to see Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) out with an old friend – Aussie (guest star Daniel DeSanto) – but it’s a whole other thing when Vex (Paul Amos) is along for the “ride” (shall we say). But it would seem that Vex and Kenzi are looking into the recent stories of people going missing in the old subway tunnels beneath the city. Shortly after the start of a strange little magic show, a strange being is seen zipping around the room by Kenzi and Vex before the lights go out. Seconds later when the lights come back on, Kenzi’s friend Aussie is gone, seemingly taken by a rumored sewer alligator, and a performer in the magic show is slumped over on the stage, clearly killed by the perpetuator.

Meanwhile, Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) are, to say the least, enjoying the lavishes of their budding relationship and the fact that they have the apartment to themselves while Kenzi is out for the night. But even after a night of great sex, Bo is troubled by visions of what she did to that man in the alley even if she can’t seem to fully remember what she has done. In fact, Lauren points out to her that she has been with her for the last two nights and each time Bo has been startled awake by some kind of nightmare. Bo fluffs off the dream and a few minutes later, Vex and Kenzi arrive at the apartment with Kenzi rambling about what happened to her friend Aussie.

Elsewhere, Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid) is sparring at the local gym when a hot babe walks straight up to him in the ring, surprising him with the news that she is Tamsin (new cast member Rachel Skarsten), his new partner and that they have a new case, which is, of course, the same case that Bo has just started with Kenzi. As the conversation between Dyson and Tamsin gets off to a less than stellar start while they talk about the case, Dyson learns that she actually works for the Morrigan, which means she is Dark Fae. She enlightens him to the fact that they are part of a new “peace project” between the dark and light [reminder: Dyson is Light Fae, working under the new Ash – his old partner Hale (K.C. Collins)].

Kenzi and Bo are then seen in the subway tunnels trying to track down Aussie. While they work their way through the tunnels, Kenzi tells Bo how she and Aussie met as kids and then they are interrupted by a phone call from Trick (Rick Howland), who tells Bo he has brought in a Weaver named Eunice (guest star Phyllis Ellis), who can help Bo with the dreams she’s been having; but since she and Kenzi are on a case, it isn’t a good time to get distracted by anything else. Seconds later, Trick has a frisky Weaver to fend off (it seems Eunice is just as interested in Trick as in working her magic on Bo’s dreams) while Bo and Kenzi encounter a creepy, long-haired, blind man (who turns out to be Fae) scavenging in the tunnels, who leads the duo toward even more Fae just like him. This discovery leads them to the pseudo-leader of these underground dwellers – a reptile-like (or sewer alligator, maybe?) man named Atticus (guest star Jordon Pettle), who was forced into the tunnels a very long time ago, losing his wife and child in the process.

Simultaneously, we see Dyson and Tamsin investigating the murder of the magic show performer in another section of the tunnels when Dyson smells a familiar scent (i.e., Bo), but he doesn’t share that with his new partner; while Bo and Kenzi are seemingly locked inside a room and then gassed by Atticus. When the girls wake up, they are in bed together at home with Vex watching over them. It seems that Atticus not only let them go unharmed but also made sure they go home unharmed. Seconds later, Dyson walks into the room (as their front door was unlocked) with Tamsin on his heels. Needless to say, Tamsin doesn’t win Bo or Kenzi over either and they are both pulled into the precinct to find out why they were in the tunnels – Dyson reveals to Tamsin that the scent he recognized in the tunnels was Bo, leaving Tamsin none too happy with her new partner.

As the two cops question Bo about why she and Kenzi were in the tunnels, Tamsin runs roughshod over Bo about a completely different situation – that of the man she sucked dry in the alley and left for dead (the same guy she has been dreaming about). The man was actually a member of the Dark Fae (who is in a coma) and Tamsin has been tasked to find out what happened to him and all clues lead to Bo. Kenzi, meanwhile, is waiting outside the interrogation room, seeing a bulletin board filled with missing persons notices (which plays a key role in their investigation, but more on that shortly). As Tamsin and Dyson argue over Bo’s involvement in the comatose Dark Fae, Kenzi and Bo make their escape in order to track down Aussie. While they are at home gearing up for a fight, Aussie casually walks into their apartment as if nothing has happened. It seems his memory has been wiped, but the more he tries to remember the more he begins to bleed from the nose and eyes.

In order to find out what is happening to him, they take Aussie to the Dal to see the Weaver, who plucks a piece of his hair and wraps it around yarn on a spinning wheel. As the yarn spins out, visions of what happened to him play out on the yarn, showing some kind of container at the shipyards. This clue leads Bo and Kenzi to that container where they find many of the missing people from the police bulletin board. Bo and Kenzi are convinced that the missing people she found as well as the missing Fae below grounds were not taken by Atticus (even though it appears he is the likely culprit). They go back down into the tunnels to find him, but are followed by the real culprit – City Manager Bob Hamelin (guest star Ted Atherton), who had been grilling both Dyson and Tamsin about wrapping up this case as quickly as possible. Hamelin is actually Fae – the infamous Pied Piper – who uses his “gift” to trick Bo and Kenzi into leading him to Atticus. It seems Hamelin has been feeding off the Fae, trapping them underground (and in the shipyard container) and using Atticus as the fall guy. Soon enough, though, Dyson shows up and stops Hamelin from hurting Kenzi (or to a certain degree Bo), and they trap Hamelin in the tunnels with Atticus, who gets his revenge on the man who trapped him underground all those years earlier and caused the death of Atticus’s wife and child.

The final scenes were focused on Tamsin and Dyson sparring at the gym and Bo with Trick and the Weaver at the Dal. Tamsin tells Dyson that she will get to the bottom of what really happened to the comatose Dark Fae, making sure that Bo will pay for her crime; which, of course, doesn’t make Dyson happy at all. And, then to the Weaver using a piece of Bo’s hair to find out what has been haunting her; only to see Bo with devilishly red eyes, feeding on something. It almost appears that she just might be the monster she feared (from her conversation with Trick last week) and the Weaver races out of the room, hoping to avoid whatever the vision foretells and keeping the truth from Bo, who actually sees a small glimpse of the vision before it disappears.

What do those visions really mean and just what is going on with Bo? What measures will Tamsin go to in order to bring Bo down? And, what levels will Kenzi, Trick and Dyson (and probably even Hale) go to protect Bo?

Subterrfaenean” was written by Stephen Cochrane and was directed by Steve DiMarco and, once again, featured David Raymond-Peck as an additional guest star.

Make sure to tune into Syfy next Monday, January 28 at 10 PM for the next episode of Lost Girl called “Confaegion”.

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