HAVEN: Emily Rose, Eric Balfour & Adam Copeland talk Season Finale and Teddy Ruxpin?

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Haven is finishing up the fantastic third season with much anticipated back to back episodes January 17th and below Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland talk about everything from Teddy Ruxpin to The Avengershaven-syfy


Emily Rose: I think I’d give her some anxiety medicine. No, I’m just kidding. More time, I guess, I mean, ultimately. But in terms of an actual gift, I think maybe materially I would get Audrey a better car. She’s always got the crappiest cars. She has no cool car.
I mean, Nathan has actually no home that ever see. But I’d probably give her more time and a better car. And that’s about it.

Adam Copeland: Sure. It’s pretty simple. I think Dwight would probably want a different Trouble. Being a bullet magnet is not probably the best Trouble to have, so maybe that.
And maybe a motorcycle, if we’re going to go materially and vehicle-wise, yes, I could see Dwight in a motorcycle which would pigeonhole me into a motorcycle.

Eric Balfour: But I guess if you were going to ask me what a perfect Christmas present for Duke would be, I think I would go with a Teddy Ruxpin doll because it would be really nice for him to have somebody to cuddle at night with because oddly enough, Duke sure seems to spend the night alone a lot.
So I think that Teddy Ruxpin – I think a Teddy Ruxpin to soothe him to sleep would be very nice.Haven-Season-3-Episode-7-Magic-Hour-4


Eric Balfour: Oh. You know, I think there’s an amazing thing about human nature where we want what we can’t have. And once we get it, we sometimes don’t want it anymore. And I think that’s true with audiences as well.
So, I know there are people who root for Audrey and Duke to be together and Audrey and Nathan to be together. And there are people who even root for Duke and Nathan to be together and I embrace those people too.
But I think one of the beautiful dances of a show like this is that the longer we can figure out interesting and intelligent ways to bring the characters together and then pull them apart and bring them together, I think that’s something that I’m always fascinated by watching because it’s kind of pretty true to human nature in our lives anyways. We’re constantly doing that on our own in real life.Season-3-Cast-Promotional-photo


Adam Copeland: Well, we’ve always said it has the sci-fi element to it and it takes place on the Syfy series. But it’s more than that because Eric and Emily were just talking about the relationships that really drive the show. It’s not special effects. It’s not what Trouble will happen that week. It really is the ongoing saga that happens between all of the chess players.
And I think that it has elements of romance and drama and sci-fi and all of these things. So I think that’s what it brings to the table.Haven-Season-3-Episode-12-Reunion-550x366


Emily Rose: I think the thing that was kind of crazy for me about this episode was, I was a little perplexed, to be honest with you, that it was a more a comedic sort of episode. I remember saying, ‘Really, the second to the last episode is going to be a bit more light-hearted? How is this going to work? We’re coming into this big, huge, massive cliffhanger and we’re going to laugh?’
And I just remember being very pleasantly surprised and going okay, it’s kind of like the calm before the storm, you know? It’s good to have some humor before it all hits the fan.

Adam Copeland: Without giving away anything, and Emily already kind of touched upon, there’s one really amazing scene for me as a character in the show and then also, just for me, Adam, sitting there watching this and seeing all of my friends, there’s one moment where you see everyone and all on one spot.
And it’s very, very cool to see that because, well, for me personally, as the character who fights, interactive one-on-one or in groups of twos or threes but never all of that. So it was just seeing the scope of kind of the landscape that they painted, along with the landscape of the scene, the physical attributes of the scene, it’s pretty epic, is the right word.


Adam Copeland: If you were to compare Haven to The Avengers, I think Dwight is kind of like the Thor and Duke is kind of Iron Man. And Nathan is Captain America. And Audrey, I guess, would be Black Widow. So I look at it in those terms.HAVEN-cast-Season-3-Lucas-Bryant-Kate-Kelton-Adam-Copeland-Emily-Rose-Eric-Balfour-Dorian-Missick-Bree-Williamson-Richard-Donat-John-Dunsworth

Haven airs its Season Finale Thursday January 17 8/7c on Syfy

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