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The latest holiday made-for-TV movie from Lifetime comes in the form of It’s All About Christmas Eve, starring Haylie Duff (7th Heaven) as junior event planner Evelyn “Eve” Wright and Chris Carmack (The O.C.) as Aidan Green, the founder of a Facebook-like company.

As the film opens, Eve is overseeing an unusual Bar Mitzvah with a Christmas twist (you can’t make this stuff up, I swear!) with her demanding boss Elizabeth Cole (played by Hotel and Greatest American Hero actress Connie Selleca) walking in to check on the party’s progress. Despite it seeming like Elizabeth is upset with Eve over the party, it is nothing more than her way of reacting to everything. But, thankfully, Elizabeth is actually pleased with Eve’s work and has eyes on her for a promotion.

Eve goes to her friend Lila’s (played by Bianca Lawson from Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars) bar to celebrate the success of the Bar Mitzvah and the advancement of her career. While there she meets Aiden, who seems to be very taken with her; but since Eve has a boyfriend she doesn’t think anything more of the encounter.

But it is that one-night meeting that turns into the opportunity of a lifetime when Aidan shows up at her boss’s office, wanting to hire the event planning company for his company’s first annual Christmas Eve party that is to be held in Los Angeles.

What transpires from there is an almost unbelievable tale of how Eve’s life continues depending on the outcome of 10 seconds of her life. As the story rolls out, the viewers will see two very divergent paths: one that finds Eve catching a flight from New York to Los Angeles, making all the right moves in setting up the party of the year and earning that much-desired promotion, while the other has her missing the flight, learning a hard truth about her boyfriend but ending up as a new artist in residence at a local art gallery (she was an art major in college, but got sidelined by her current job).

Of course, the overlapping views of her alternate worlds come to a head at the right time, allowing Eve to make a decision about the direction her life needs to take as well as the man she wants in her life.

The film co-stars Patrick Muldoon (Melrose Place) as Tino, Aidan’s right-hand man at the company, Gib Gerard (the real life son of Connie Selleca) as Mark, Eve’s design assistant and American Idol contestants Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young, who appear as themselves.

Make sure to tune into All About Christmas Eve on Lifetime tonight, December 9 at 9/8c to learn the outcome.

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  1. ben

    December 10, 2012 at 3:00 am

    Movie sucked

    • Liz

      December 13, 2012 at 2:13 pm

      Ben, Your comment is unhelpful, uninformative, ill-natured and contributed absolutley nothing to this conversation.

  2. Robbin Robinson Taylor

    December 10, 2012 at 4:14 am

    totally digged it…. Pleasently surprised!

  3. Allie

    December 16, 2012 at 1:02 am

    It was fun. Better than your average Lifetime movie. Snappy banter and decent acting. I recommend.