HART OF DIXIE Recap: Sparks Fly

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Wade may not have started this episode shirtless but he is doing some hammering and pouting. It’s not a bad look. Zoe is trying to talk to him but he is basically ignoring her.

Lemon is at the Rammer Jammer looking at pictures of Ruby and Lavon; she has quite a frown on her face. Dash sits down to talk to her about the bachelor auction. Oh yeah, did I mention this episode involves a bachelor auction? I for one am hoping for a Coyote Ugly dance on the bar while partially stripping moment but that may just be me. Ya know what, I know it’s not just me but you guys don’t have to admit it if you don’t want to.
Back to the point, Dash wants to know why Brick didn’t enter a picnic basket into the auction. Dash won’t take Lemon’s excuses about Brick’s heartbreak over Emily for an answer, the auction benefits the Shakespeare Society and he won’t do Twelfth Night again in choir robes. He’s a caring sole our Dash, isn’t he?

In his office George is doing some lawyering, looking over papers, drinking coffee, etc…coffee which he spills on his pants when Tanzy comes whirling into the room. They start talking over each other but she isn’t there to talk about the message he left her, she is there to talk about the custody of her dog, Dolly Parton. She wants her back, but Colt (her ex-boyfriend) has her, or more specifically her ex-boyfriends girlfriend has Dolly. George will look into it. Since she is here though maybe she will help him. He had to enter a picnic basket into the auction, like everyone else, but he only has one girl he wants to go out with.
Can I stop right here and say something? I like Wade and Zoe, I like Zoe and George so I’m not really picking sides but it sure seems like George moved past Zoe (I know she was insistent) pretty quickly. Now Tanzy is the only girl he wants to date. I’m probably reading too much into it and I’ll get back to the recapping.
Tanzy doesn’t get the hint and asks George what the girl is like so he can put the right things in his picnic basket to woo her. Tanzy calls him predictable and so George Tucker. He doesn’t think that is a compliment.

Ruby and Lavon are talking in his kitchen. She is showing him the pictures of her new apartment in Dallas. She swears he will just love it, he is less than impressed. Ruby wants to know what is going to be in his basket because she is going to bid on it and win.
Zoe interrupts the about to be making out with this gem, “Okay, day six of Wade avoiding sex with me. Discuss.” Lavon opts not to discuss this with her and says he is late for…something, leaving Ruby to talk with Zoe about it. Zoe isn’t sure she wants to be friends with Ruby but this is too juicy not to discuss. Zoe thinks Wade is bored of “ZoeLand”.

Zoe is pacing in her bedroom when Wade shows up, he knows he has been acting weird but he’s been thinking and he thinks they should go on a real date. This is not what Zoe was expecting. Wade knows she probably wants to over think this and consult Lavon but he thinks if she wants to go on a date with him she will just bid on his basket at the auction tomorrow. He wants her to think of it as a test drive he says before leaving.

In the office Zoe is making cryptic comments to her patients about having to fix things that aren’t broken and evolve. She even asks Brick for dating advice.
Again, she has gotten Wade to do the unthinkable, want to be with her in a dating/relationship/monogamous way and she is complaining?

It’ auction time! Walt is even there, he is the guy that Lemon hit on in Mobile a number of episodes back when she went out with Annabeth to get over George Tucker. He asks her to bid on his basket. She doesn’t seem opposed to the idea.

The first basket is Tom’s. It has homemade bologna sandwiches. That’s as far as we get because Wanda bids $10.00 and threatens anyone else who would think to bid on it. Awww…how cute is their love?
Next is Brick’s basket which is sold to the blonde talks-a-lot chick that dated George not too long ago.

Before we can hear about more baskets Zoe gets there and heads straight for Ruby. Zoe says it turns out Wade isn’t bored with ZoeLand, he wants to date which means relationship and it’s freaking Zoe out. Mainly because she says she and Wade have nothing in common and a date would be just awkward. Ruby says this is how it works, people move forward. Ruby doesn’t have time for Zoe’s chatter though, she forgot to see what was in Lavon’s basket and she needs Zoe’s help to figure out which one it is.

Next basket is George’s and sure enough Tanzy bids on it and wins. She is pleasantly surprised it was George’s basket she really seemed to have no idea it was her he likes.

Basket number five is Lavon’s but Ruby doesn’t know that. Lemon however thinks the basket is Walt’s so she starts bidding and she wins.

Basket number six is Wade’s and people start the bidding, all the girls bid. Finally Zoe bids but it is too late, the basket goes to Magnolia much to Lemon’s dismay as well as Zoe and Wade’s.
Zoe apologizes to Wade and he doesn’t exactly accept. She isn’t going to not go on this date though so she tells him just to hold on a moment while she tracks down Magnolia.

And we aren’t done with the apologies; Ruby is apologizing to Lavon for being too busy with the escrow on her apartment to have had the time to look in his basket. Ruby wants him to explain to Lemon what happened, but he won’t. He says it is because it is against the rules but it looks like he is just really hurt.
He goes and gets Lemon to have a meal as friends.

Magnolia and Zoe are bargaining for Wade’s basket. It ends up going for Taylor Swift concert tickets, a ride to said concert and Zoe not telling Brick Magnolia bid on Wade’s basket in the first place. I hope Wade is pleased with exactly how much his basket has now really gone for.

Lemon and Lavon get to the place where Lavon was planning on having his picnic with Ruby, it is all table clothes and pretty flowers and a matching canopy. It’s very romantic. Lemon makes some awkward this is uncomfortable faces.

Wade and Zoe are on the lawn in the town square for their picnic. She grabbed a book from the office on the way there; it is a book of amazing facts and feats. She really doesn’t think they will have anything to talk about, does she? She opens it and starts reading facts and then rambling, rambling worse than I do. The rambling is almost better than the awkward silence that ensues. She says there is no reason they should be nervous.

George meanwhile is having his date on the roof of one of the buildings in town. It’s going pretty well, they are cute and flirty. He says let’s do something unpredictable. Tanzy says great, let’s go steal a dog.

Lavon and Lemon are on their date and all Lavon talks about is Ruby. Lemon does the right thing and gives him good advice about Ruby. Way to be a good person Lemon.

Back on the square Zoe is still reading facts but they are now drinking so they seem to be more relaxed. George and Tanzy run by and when Wade tells Zoe George is now dating Tanzy she makes the same face that got her an upset non-putting out Wade in the first place. She tries to say she isn’t jealous just they are so different, what could they have in common, how could it last. Wade smirks and says he gets it, if Tanzy and George can’t last then neither can they. She was so worried they wouldn’t have anything to talk about she brought that stupid book of facts along. He gets mad, stands up, says he doesn’t want to be a placeholder for George Tucker and leaves her sitting there.

Tanzy and George find the dog locked in a truck, Tanzy is about to bust the window of the truck when George stops her. He can’t let her do that so he does it. Our goody good lawyer George Tucker breaks a window of a truck to steal a dog.
George and Tanzy get back to the square to get Zoe since George cut his arm breaking into the truck. Zoe stiches him up when the lady whose truck they broke into shows up to get the dog back. He does some more lawyering and gets the lady to give the dog to Tanzy. Tanzy and George kiss leaving Zoe to say they actually make a nice couple.

On the Lemon and Lavon date things are going okay. They dance and do some reminiscing. He even calls Lemon his first true love.

Back at the Rammer Jammer Brick and his date are chatting about apps and they are having a pretty good time. They even decide to dance. I think this is the most I’ve ever seen Brick smile in one episode.

Lemon is there now that her meal with Lavon is over and she finds Walt sitting at the bar. They decide to have a drink and some truffles together.

Zoe is still in the square picking up from the picnic when Lavon shows up. He asks how she is doing and she laments that everyone keeps changing. She just wants to pause life.

Lavon gets home to find Ruby in his kitchen. He is glad to see her. They share some wine and talk about how nothing, not even her moving to Dallas is going to change their relationship. They are going to make it because they love each other.

That leaves Wade and Zoe. Zoe stops by Wade’s place but instead of going in she leaves his picnic basket on the porch and heads back to her house. It’s sad and I feel bad for Wade and disappointed in Zoe.

There was no Coyote Ugly moment but it was still an interesting episode.

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