MODERN FAMILY: When A Tree Falls

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Cam is upset because “Treeona” their favorite tree is being cut down in the park. If he hadn’t taken on so many projects like teaching music, fixing the handles on Lily’s dresser and being an understudy in a musical (that should be fun) he might have known about this tree cutting earlier. But that is not going to stop him. Something must be done and he is going to be the one to do it.

Manny is not to thrilled to be going to Doug’s Sports themed party also known as the “Doug-lympics.” All sports, all boys, all day (sounds like a win to me) is not really Manny’s cup of tea.

MODERN FAMILY - "When a Tree Falls"Gloria has a serious case of pregnancy brain so Jay called Claire to keep her occupied by taking her on a Costco run. Everything is going great in the car until Gloria takes her seatbelt off and tries to get out of the car, while it is still moving of course. That pregnancy brain can really get you.

Mitch and Lily go to the park where Treeona is, only to find Cam in the tree. As long as he is in the tree they can’t cut it down. He wants to show Lily the importance of taking a stand for what you believe in. He gets a call that an actor is sick and he must report to the stage. He convinces Mitchell to sit in the tree until he comes back.

Haley has community service and surprisingly she isn’t too worried about it. She loves how she looks in orange.  Alex is determined to get an embarrassing picture of Haley picking up trash on the side of the road.  Haley posted an embarrassing picture of her on Facebook and it is payback time. She got a few good pictures but wanted the perfect shot. She tried to get a little closer, almost got ran over and dropped her phone in the sewer. She gets filthy trying to get her phone back while Haley is finding gold bracelets in her trash.

Gloria and Claire are in the store and Gloria can’t remember what she needed from the frozen food section. Claire put on a sweatshirt because she was freezing. They finished their trip and put their groceries in the trunk. Gloria forgot Claire was there and almost closed her in the trunk. Just as Claire was telling her she needed to focus, they got a visit from a police officer. I thought Gloria forgot to pay for her groceries, but I was wrong. It turned out Claire walked out of the store wearing the sweatshirt she didn’t pay for. Woops!

At the “Doug-lympics” Jay is telling a bunch of embarrassing Phil stories to his friends and Phil gets upset. Phil insists that Jay promised to fix his boombox (which was the star of one of Jay’s stories) and he never did. Jay doesn’t remember ever making that promise, so he suggests they duke it out in the boxing ring. If Phil wins Jay will get him a new boombox, if Jay wins Phil will have to do a dance in front of all of his friends. It’s on! They get in the ring and Phil pummels Jay. He was holding a bit of a grudge and it all came out in that ring. Phil apologized for going a little crazy and Jay knew it was because he was ragging on him in front of his friends. It turns out, Jay didn’t know what to say to them because they were so much younger than him and they didn’t have anything in common. He is concerned it will be worse with his new baby. He just wanted for them to like him even though he wouldn’t admit it.

MODERN FAMILY - "When a Tree Falls"Claire is getting an earful from the store manager (guest star Paul Scheer) who doesn’t believe that she took the sweatshirt by mistake. He threatened to call the police when Gloria’s water broke all over the floor of his office. He apologized and offered to let Claire keep the sweatshirt as a gift on their way to the car (so generous). Once they get in the car, Gloria admits that she faked it by pouring water on the floor. Not too bad for a woman with pregnancy brain.

Alex realized that Karma is real after she got her phone back and dropped it again as Haley pulled up in a car with a guy. Haley took a picture of her looking like crap again and posted it on Facebook. Once again she is embarrassed and Haley wasn’t.  Karma can be a real pain.

Cam returns to Treeona in his full costume from Cats. He climbed the tree in his costume and waited it out. He was so proud of himself he slipped and his suspenders caught on a branch and he was hanging from the tree! Hilarious! The firefighters had to get him down but he saved the tree! Way to go Cam!

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