HART OF DIXIE Recap: Achy Breaky Hearts

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Clearly the writers of Hart of Dixie read my recaps. How do I know you ask…they are starting another episode with Wade shirtless. As I have said before I know it’s shallow but I’m not one of those people that watch TV to figure out the meaning of life and Hart of Dixie is no exception. I watch because I not so secretly wish I was as tiny and cute as Rachel Bilson and because Wilson Bethel takes his shirt off a lot.
That being said, we start this episode with Zoe lamenting to a shirtless Wade about Ruby. She doesn’t want to fake being her friend for Lavon’s sake. Not long after Zoe talks about honesty and being open with your friends a knock on the door interrupts them. It is none other than George. Instead of getting rid of him Wade invites him in forcing Zoe to hide behind the bed. Wade really does like putting Zoe in awkward situations, it’s almost like he wants them to be found out. In fact when George leaves Wade wants to know why they can’t just tell him.

Wade: So we should just keep this a big secret until we all die?
Zoe: That would be the mature thing to do.

Later that morning Wade is at the Rammer Jammer when the local pastor shows up. He needs Wade to take the Eagle Scouts on their annual camping trip.

Pastor: You were my first choice.
Wade: [laughs] Really, I was your first choice to lead a bunch of kids into the wilderness.

The pastor reminds him he was an Eagle Scout (for a total of four hours) but Wade declines and just like that George shows up again. If I was a betting woman I would say George is trying to talk to Wade about the fact that he wants to see…and I mean see his ex-wife Tanzy, but that is just my guess so we will see.
George asks Wade if he wants to go get a drink tonight, he has something he wants to talk to Wade about. See…told you guys! Wade says he can’t, he’s leading the Eagle Scouts on their camp-out. Wade will clearly do anything not to have to talk to George.

Emily and Brick are at The Butter Stick Bakery having brunch. Emily leaves and Magnolia shows up. He asks Magnolia how she would feel about Emily moving to Bluebell to live with them. Magnolia compares the idea to vomiting. So that’s a no then?

Lemon and Annabeth are talking business when they see Ruby talking to a guy about his proposal. The acceptance of the proposal comes along with some flirty smiles and a drink. Lemon isn’t going to let this go, she must know what Ruby is up to.
So what does Lemon do…she attempts to recruit Zoe into her find out what Ruby is up to plan.

Meanwhile the camping trip is under way. Something about the pastor the bartender and the Eagle Scouts strikes me as funny. There must be a joke that starts that way. No? Well I don’t have time to ponder it because before they can even unpack their gear George shows up. He is really doing too much to try to talk to Wade.
George is put in charge of the Eagle Scouts making camp while Wade is put in charge or Connor. Every year his parents make him come camping and every year he doesn’t want to be there. How does Wade try to get him to join in with the troop…he calls him stinky face. Wade is good with people.

Back at the Breeland house Brick Emily and Magnolia are playing Life. She makes some not so subtle comments about there being only enough room for two in the house. Brick is not amused. He doesn’t get more than one comment of his own in though and his phone rings. He has to go help a patient leaving Emily and Magnolia alone.

At the camp site Wade is still trying to include Connor. He does so by putting him on “Watch for George Tucker” detail. He even asks the kid if he can fake a seizure. Have I mentioned Wade REALLY doesn’t want to talk to George? Wade explains that George thinks Wade has something that belonged to George, a cookie if you will, but it wasn’t George’s cookie to begin with.

Wade: It was a free range cookie and I have no intention of entering into cookie negotiations with him.

Connor doesn’t seem to get it and I have to tell you if I hadn’t watched this whole season I might not get it either. Free range cookies!
George won’t be put off any longer though, he pulls Wade aside and comes right out with it. He wants to ask Tanzy out and he wants to make sure Wade is okay with it. Wade says Tanzy’s name a few times and says he has to think about it.

Lemon, not one to take no for an answer, has decided to force Zoe into her Ruby plan. She found the guy Ruby was talking to earlier and convinces him he may have pink eye. Of course this brings them to Zoe’s office where Zoe is supposed to question him under the guise of checking out his eye.
Turns out he is from Dallas and he is here on business. He is a head hunter. Ruby is the most sought after CEO’s in the country and a certain fashion company wants her. Zoe immediately tells Lemon Ruby is going to leave Bluebell.

Out in the woods Wade is talking out his relationship issues with Connor again. This time Tanzy is being compared to a brownie. A brownie that was once in his cupboard and is now in the woods, where George found it and now wants to take it for himself.

Connor: So you are fighting about a giant cookie and there is a brownie in the woods?

Connor thinks if Wade gives George the brownie then Wade can keep the cookie and the whole problem is solved. Connor is pretty smart.
Although apparently Wade doesn’t take this advice because a second later he tells George no, no he can’t date Tanzy.

Zoe who clearly can’t contain her news runs right to Lavon to tattle. Lavon of course jumps right on Zoe’s bandwagon. Enter Ruby. Dinner is really quiet and awkward. Lavon asks how Ruby’s day was. He starts to grill her. She says if Lavon has a problem he needs to just say it. He asks if she had a meeting with a headhunter today. Ruby can’t believe Lavon spied on her although she is pretty sure it was Zoe who did the spying. She says she wasn’t ever going to take the job but she can see Lavon is the same jerk he was in high school and she just might interview for the job. She storms out.
I want to care but I do not love the character of Ruby so I’m finding it hard to do anything but shrug my shoulders.

Back over at the Breeland’s Magnolia is crying in her room when Emily checks on her. Emily and Magnolia bond over boys, heartache and a little pie. By the time Brick gets home they are smiling and laughing together. In fact Magnolia tells Brick it is okay if he wants to ask Emily to stay.
As soon as Magnolia goes to bed Brick asks Emily to move to Bluebell. She is hesitant and the next morning Brick tells Magnolia he doesn’t think they will be seeing much of Emily anymore. That’s too bad since I really liked Brick and Emily.

Out in the woods George says he doesn’t need Wade’s blessing. Wade says George isn’t right for Tanzy. They don’t have time to fight over it though because Connor is missing and they have to find him. Wade is following a trail of animal cookies when Zoe calls. She hears George is with him and figures he will know what to do about her problem.
George’s advice is to just be honest. How fantastic is that. Wade takes that opportunity to tell George the reason he can’t date Tanzy. George is going to treat Tanzy like a place holder for the girl he really wants to be with, Zoe Hart. George says Wade doesn’t know what he is talking about.
They find Connor in a tree and Wade climbs up to see what the problem is. Connor says he doesn’t want to participate in the Wilderness Run tomorrow and he is planning on staying up in the tree until it is over. Wade says he quit being an Eagle Scout back in the day but he is sorry he did. It has made him feel inferior to some of his friends ever since. He seems to have talked Connor into participating in some capacity.

Zoe finds Lemon at the Rammer Jammer. She wants to fix this whole Lavon/Ruby mess but Lemon just wants to let it happen. Zoe suddenly realizes Lemon still has feelings for Lavon.
Taking George’s advice Zoe goes to Ruby to talk to her. She does some Team Lavon beseeching but Ruby says Bluebell was never supposed to be permanent, it was just a rest stop. Even a good guy in a small town shouldn’t derail her future.
While this is happening Lemon brings Lavon over a cake and to let him know she is there for him if he needs anything. His sad comments make Lemon feel pretty guilty so she does the right thing, she calls Zoe and tells her they need to make it right. Of course Lemon has a plan. Zoe sighs.
Lemon and Zoe are sitting in front of Lavon. They are telling him the plan, the get Ruby back plan.
The plan involves Lavon driving Ruby to the airport so he can plead his case. She says fine, he has until they get to the airport.

The next day the Eagle Scouts are getting ready for the Wilderness Run, instead of running Connor is calling the race from atop some hay bales. He is quite the announcer and he seems to have found his place with the troop.
George tells Wade he left Tanzy a message and he doesn’t see her as a place holder. They shake and George gives Wade some advice he didn’t know he needed. If Wade thinks Zoe sees him as a place holder he should talk to her about it. George says he has known for a while and he is kind of okay with Zoe and Wade together.

At the Rammer Jammer Lavon and Zoe are talking about how it went with Ruby when Ruby walks in. Zoe leaves them alone so Ruby can tell Lavon she took the job but she isn’t going to start until the 1st of the year. This gives them time to figure some things out, see where it goes.

Looks like Wade is taking George’s advice. He shows up at Zoe’s to talk. First of all George knows about them and says he is okay with it. Zoe doesn’t take it so well, she is actually hurt that George doesn’t quite care, even though she tries to cover it up. Wade sees her reaction and chickens out on the second thing he was going to talk to her about. He doesn’t even stick around to take his shirt off, he opts to spend his night at his own place.

Hart of Dixie airs Tuesday 8/7c on CW

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