Can Ryan Hansen Rescue 2 BROKE GIRLS? While Wearing Plaid?

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I’ve been hanging in there with CBS’ shrill comedy 2 Broke Girls because I like the dynamic between leads Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings, but the show’s steadfast refusal to ditch the poorly acted, in poor taste supporting characters at the diner has made it increasingly difficult to keep watching. Enter Ryan Hansen as “Candy Andy”.

Now, men rescuing damsels in distress isn’t really my thing, but I’ll be darned if Hansen isn’t poised to do just that. The former Veronica Mars/Party Down dude joined 2 Broke Girls as a love interest for Caroline (Behrs) last week, currently as a recurring guest star. If the audience gets to vote, put me in the YES PLEASE DEAR GOD SIGN HIM AS A REGULAR RIGHT NOW column.

Adding Andy and his candy store to the mix was a brilliant move for many reasons. Let’s count them, shall we? First, it opens up the show to storylines outside the diner, which means fewer cringeworthy scenes with that set of characters. Second, Hansen and Behrs are adorable together, and Dennings seems particularly gleeful about having a new comedy playmate, so that the tone of their scenes is still goofy but decidedly sweeter than the acerbicness and cynicism the show has demonstrated so far. Don’t get me wrong, Max is still acerbic and cynical, but she’s also completely charmed by the candy man and happy for her friend. Third, Caroline, the eternal optimist, deserves something good in her life. Even if she started out by embarrassing herself so very badly. If the guy comes back after all that? He’s a keeper. Fourth, I’m tickled pink that our cupcake queens are now connected to the owner of a candy store. Fifth, Hansen is all grown up here, leaving behind the thoughtless jerk/loveable doofus personas and instead bringing us a sweet, confident man who shares Caroline’s sunny outlook and wears an awful lot of flannel shirts. Not that I’m complaining; I love a knight in well-fitting plaid.

What do you think? Is Hansen’s arrival the harbinger of better times for 2 Broke Girls? Tune in to CBS tonight at 9/8c and see how the Caroline/Andy relationship progresses.

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