ALPHAS Recap: God’s Eye

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And here we go…
We start not long after we left off in the last episode. Rosen has crashed his car and is bleeding out on a bus bench. The loss of blood causes him to hallucinate and see Danni. He stumbles down the street.
He manages to get to an Alpha friend who uses her ability to pull out the bullet and then seal the artery. She tells him to take it easy but he doesn’t listen, he has places to be.

In the office Bill and Clay are running things, trying to figure out what Parrish’s next play is. Kat is still upset with Hicks over putting her in danger, she is so mad in fact she threatens to leave but Bill talks her into staying.

In the park Parrish is sitting with the Alpha that shot Rosen. He tells him to gather up Rosen and take him to the safe house, with no unnecessary violence. The Alpha says oh by the way, I shot Rosen. He seems very nonchalant about it. Parrish on the other hand seems not so easy going about it; he pulls a knife on the Alpha and tells him to go find Rosen. And then because Parrish is crazy he starts singing the Johnny Appleseed song, “The Lord’s been good to me…”

Back in the office Gary is on the phone with Nina, he hasn’t found Rosen. He’s not at the morgue or the ER. Hicks is beating himself up for leaving Rosen.

There was a power grid explosion earlier so Kat and Rachel are looking through the debris. Kat is mad at Rachel and keeps making snide comments. Before Rachel can call Kat on her comments they come across an Alpha that survived the “attack”. He opens his mouth and an earth shattering sound comes out.
Rachel and Kat figure out that Parrish put the photo stims in the grid protectors; they could be all over the country by now.
Skylar is in the office looking at the photo stim they recovered. She says the remaining devices will all go off at once at 8:18pm tonight. They need to figure out a way to cut the power all at once.

Rosen shows up at the hospital where Gary is visiting with his comatose Mom. He needs Gary’s help to figure out what Parrish meant by “God’s Eye View”. Gary finds that Parrish is on the board of directors for an architecture firm, the firm that built the Empire State Building. Rosen tells Gary he has to go and tells him goodbye, he really thinks he is going to die.

Rosen stumbles out of the hospital talking out loud to his hallucination about how to stop Parrish when he finds him. Rosen talks it through and then goes back into the hospital to get the supplies he needs to stop Parrish.
Between you and me his Danni hallucination is leading him astray.

Gary’s Mother comes out of her comatose like state to tell Gary to go help Rosen. He doesn’t want to leave her there but she is insistent.

Whether Rosen’s hallucination is helping or hurting it is for sure keeping him moving. I’m not sure he could have gotten as far without Danni.
It’s a good idea Rosen went to the train station to get a train to the Empire State Building because it is at the train station where he finds Stanton.

The rest of the country is powering down while Skylar and gals are in New York dealing with the power grid there. They think they have all of the power shut off but while congratulating themselves the power starts to come back on, borough by borough.

At the train station Gary finds Rosen. Rosen wants him to leave but Gary is adamant. Rosen is bleeding and alone and as Gary points out Rosen has helped everyone on the team, now it’s only fair that he stay and help Rosen.

Clay and Skylar are trying to figure out how to shut down whatever backup generator is causing the power to come back up.

Nina gets a call in the office from Gary. He tells her he found Rosen and where they are. Hicks is going to the train station to help them but before he can get on the elevator Nina stops him and tells him to be safe. She kisses him. It is a lot of the team telling each other goodbye.

In the kitchen John finds Rachel. They are evacuating to the FEMA building. She won’t leave though, she has to help Rosen. John is not so happy with her, besides lying to him last episode, he has to be able to trust the woman he is in love with. That stops Rachel, she makes him say he loves her again but she can’t leave Rosen.

Nina, Skylar, Rachel, Kat and Bill are racing towards the train station. Bill and Kat say there is a generator underneath the station to make sure the trains keep running even when the power is out. It’s from the 30’s and has enough juice to power ½ of Manhattan. They have to shut it down.

In the train station Gary tells Rosen he has to go upstairs to get better reception. As soon as he leaves a man comes over to Rosen and holds out a phone before walking away. It’s Stanton on the line, he says he is glad Rosen is alive and in fact 10’ ahead of him is a storage closet where the light was disabled. If Rosen goes in there and shuts his eyes he will be okay.

Rosen, Skylar, Kat, Rachel and Bill head to the generator. Kat makes awkward chatter in the elevator. As the elevator opens Parrish’s guys open fire. Kat and Bill are ready though and return fire. Skylar makes a bomb out of the fire extinguisher and the team is able to get out of the elevator towards the generator.
Kat gets Bill aside and tells him to throw her, with all his Alpha ability. She lands on the ledge behind the bad Alphas and takes them out with a mixture of guns and kung fu. She’s pretty awesome.

Skylar and Rachel get to the generator and Skylar is a little worried, that is a very old generator and she is better with new technology.

Rosen has wandered out onto a platform where he sees Parrish. He gets the drugs he stole out and walks up behind Parrish. Parrish is reminiscing about how he helped build that platform but Rosen isn’t amused. He pulls out his gun and tells Parrish how Danni was everything to him and he killed her. Parrish says it was for the greater good. Parrish also doesn’t seem to concerned by Rosen and his gun. He turns his back on Rosen to walk away. Before leaving though he tells Rosen why he is so important. In a few moments Parrish will be a mass murderer. He wants Rosen to lead them.
Rosen’s hallucination wants Rosen to put Stanton in the ground. Rosen despite the blood loss and exhaustion says he can’t do it, he can’t kill Parrish. It’s not what Danni would have really wanted.
Hicks having walked up on this has less compassion, he puts a bullet into Parrish’s head while Rosen looks stunned.

At the generator Kat and Skylar keep working while Rachel and Bill head to where Rosen is.
Hicks wants Rosen to shoot him up with the drugs he has, but Rosen says they can’t do this. Hicks has to be the man Danni loved, they can’t stoop to his level. Hicks lowers his gun. Rosen really is the best person to lead the Alphas.

Kat and Skylar are still working on the generator when they realize the lights in the station are hardwired in so everyone in the station is screwed and they are almost out of time.

In the main terminal Gary sees Kat and Skylar running towards him telling everyone to get out. They don’t make it through and everyone in the entire terminal falls down dead or passed out as the lights flash. All except Gary, Gary seems unaffected by all of this. He starts walking over bodies looking for Bill. He finds the rest of the team on the platform knocked out, including Rosen.

Syfy better renew this show otherwise that is the meanest series finale ever.

Alphas airs Monday 8/7c on Syfy

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  1. slrigs

    October 22, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    I sat in stunned silence when the show ended. I’m still in shock. If memory serves me, the only suckier ending was for the ill-fated show, The Nine, where they all died at the end. Boo-Hiss, SyFy Channel! You dump your namesake for wrestling?

  2. slrigs

    October 22, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    Great recap, by the way. I forgot my manners. 🙁

    • Polly

      October 22, 2012 at 11:18 pm

      I know! Syfy really needs to give this show a season 3…fingers crossed it could still happen. The team dynamic is so great and it just can’t end like that.

      thanks. 🙂 I don’t know if you watch Warehouse 13 but I do that recap too so check back for those…although unfortunately we have to wait until next year for those.

      • slrigs

        October 23, 2012 at 8:54 am

        LOVE Warehouse 13 and bummed they’re on mid-season vacation. I’ll be sure to bookmark your site and read your recaps. I know how much time is put into recapping and if nothing else, you’ll get someone who acknowledges your investment. 🙂

        • Polly

          October 23, 2012 at 9:37 am

          I do appreciate it, I often wonder if I’m recapping for my own amusement. 🙂
          Thanks again!

          • Liz

            October 25, 2012 at 10:07 am

            You’d be surprised at how many people read all the recaps, they just don’t comment. It’s all worth it!